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Full Majestic SEO Session At Pubcon

We are delighted to have a whole session at Pubcon in November. Pubcon Las Vegas is the world’s largest conference dedicated to Webmasters interested in Search engine optimisation and Internet marketing. We want to make the session instructive and enlightening – so we have entitled the session “using Majestic SEO to the Max” and have…

Importance Of A Sound Link Building Strategy

By Dixon Jones | | 1 comment

This post is written by Anthony Young Director of Search Engine Optimization at Anything in life worth having requires time, attention, and dedication.  Usually there are no shortcuts – a few noteworthy exceptions being the very lucky, the criminally-minded, or the insane geniuses among us.  When it comes to SEO and link building, the same…

How to Filter out Dead Links

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked. MajesticSEO is not like other link maps out there, because we KEEP data about dead links for all time. We personally think that’s particularly valuable, but there is no need for you to focus on the dead ones if you do not wish…

New Majestic SEO Site Now In Beta

By Dixon Jones | | 1 comment

In case you didn’t see it on the Twitter speak, MajesticSEO has a new site in beta, which you can see for yourself at The new site has the following: It is MUCH faster. We have totally re-engineered the back end. This has been really hard work, but speed will not be the only…

Review of Spydermate

By Dixon Jones | | 3 comments

This is a really interesting implementation of our link data, built by Spydermate. Whenever someone asks us about our APIs, they generally fall into two camps. People that want to build internal tools and those that want to build tools for SEOs an third parties. Of those that want the latter, we have a… Continue reading