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A Guide To The Majestic “Site Explorer”

By Majestic Marketing | |

A long time Majestic user, Dr Brad Tomkins has written this comprehensive explanation of our Site Explorer tool and how you can use it. Noting, what to look out for in such detail, we thought the post was worth highlighting so you can pick up some tips and tricks of how to use Majestic too.…

Why sites that already link are a top priority

By Ken McGaffin | |

In modern SEO the relationship you have with the site that links to you is just as important as the link itself. Build on that relationship and you build the presence and influence of your client’s site. Majestic’s Clique Hunter tool not only gives you many hundreds of link prospects that link to multiple competitors,…

How To Analyze Your Audience & Plan A Backlink Campaign In Under 30 Minutes

By Jacob McMillen | |

You could spend the rest of your life burning through online marketing content. There is no shortage of information. There is no shortage of quality content. There is certainly no shortage of marketing tools. And yet, as a marketing consultant, I’ve found that most website owners are struggling with 1 of 2 problems. 1.    Either…

A new timesaver: Best New Links

By Steve Fitzpatrick | | 3 comments

We have updated the “new” tab as part of the Majestic toolset so that it is easier to work through the data and identify new links within the Fresh Index, as part of a particular time frame, because whilst our New Links tool is a great way to work through a comprehensive list of the…

Tips and tricks using Bookmarklets

By Philip Blomsterberg | | 2 comments

This post is from Philip Blomsterberg. Philip is a long term SEO veteran and founder of the swedish company Having used Majestic for a number of years Philip has put together a collection of small tools that you can use to personalise your Majestic experience. We thought you may find some of them of…

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