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How many people work at Majestic?

We often get asked how many people work at Majestic. I’m not going to answer, but I’ll explain why I can’t. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead. I saw this quote – or at least a…

Actionable SEO- Site Explorer Backlinks, new and lost links

Actionable SEO- Site Explorer Back links, New and Lost Links Back links Tab What insights does this give me? Knowing who gives you the top back links to your site is incredibly valuable Some back links are more influential than others and add more value to your link building efforts. Google use metrics to rank……

The Easter Egg Release: Clique Hunter at URL level

By Dixon Jones | |

We recently launched a new version of Site Explorer which has gone down rather well. I hinted that we had also released something else and challenged our user to spot it. Now I have time for another blog post I can reveal that we also changed our Clique Hunter tool to work at the URL…

Historischer Index Update

By Andrew | |

Wir haben unseren Historischen Index jetzt mit Daten vom Anfang Mai 2013 aktualisiert. Hier sind die neue Statistiken: Historischer Index Einzigartige Seiten gecrawlt: 472,383,604,906 Einzigartige URLs: 3,584,026,567,247 Datum Umfang: 07 Oct 2007 bis 08 Mai 2013 Es gab eine Erhöhung in die Zahl von einzigartige Seiten die gecrawlt wurden, aber eine Reduzierung in die Zahl von einzigartige URLs…

What are linkable assets and how do they keep on bringing you links?

In this video lesson, Ken McGaffin and Garrett French explain what a linkable asset is, using real examples from a range of different sectors. Not only do great linkable assets make your link requests much more successful, they also bring you links without even asking. The video is 19 minutes long and there is a…

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