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Celebrating 5 Years Worth Of Data!

Today we celebrate 5 full years worth of data in our index – that’s right, the earlier backlink date that is included in our index is 6 June 2006 and with today’s fresh index update we’ve got to 5 years mark! During this time we saw many amazing sites appearing out of nowhere and growing…

Historic Backlinks Index Update

Today we’ve updated our Historic backlinks index, stats are as follows: 349,488,901,604 unique pages crawled 3,444,793,603,098 unique URLs in total. All fresh data crawled in period up to 20 May 2011 was added to this update… Continue reading

Example Of How To Make A Targeted Site Go Viral

Yesterday our attention was caught by a story on BBC News about a controversial site offering it’s own unique version of an Alternative Vote to rank Members of Parliament (MPs) in order of preference… Naturally our interest was purely professional (well, mostly!) – how long did it take for this site to get so known…

Which Report Is Right For You?

I noticed over the last few days that we made our backlink referring domain graphic a lot prettier. Below is the graphic today for Search Engine Watch: Referring domain chart for Search Engine Watch Much prettier! The chart just shows the top five referring domains, but drilling down in the Top Backlinks report… Continue reading Beats Google, Facebook and Twitter

Adhood… who? That’s what we thought when our software developer working the on Majestic Million project noticed rapidly advancing up the ranks of well established domains. Today they have become #1 .COM by number of referring domains. We were surprised as much as you are now! We tend to pay attention to artifacts like……