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Fresh Index Doubles (Historic Index Passes new Milestone)

Majestic’s Fresh Index currently boasts a whopping 354.72 Billion (unique) URLs crawled. This number shows a dramatic growth rate, being more than double the size it was in September 2016. The Majestic Index developed steadily because of some technical wizardry.  Here’s the obligatory screenshot. Majestic Crawled Index Before Becoming Too Excited The magnitude debate (Mine…

December 2016 Historic Index Update

By Rosanne Shepherd | | 2 comments

Here are the latest stats: Majestic Historic Index Unique URLs crawled:  933,649,820,487 Unique URLs found:  4,460,425,807,602 Date range: 09 Apr 2011 to 07 Nov 2016 Last updated: 04 Dec 2016… Continue reading

June 2016 Historic Index Update

Here are the stats… Historic Index Unique URLs crawled872,436,041,959 Unique URLs found 4,021,248,092,075 Date range23 Oct 2010 to 24 May 2016 Last updated23rd Jun 2016. Continue reading

Historic Index is out!

By Dixon Jones | |

It has been a bit of a hard graft for this one, but hopefully normal service will now be resumed! Here are the vital statistics for Majestic’s new Historic Index: Historic Index Unique URLs crawled 874,711,949,372 Unique URLs found Continue reading

Historic Update: January 2016

Our January Historic Index is now live. Here are the new numbers for the record. Historic Index Unique URLs crawled: 884,184,043,798 Unique URLs found: 3,583,740,663,828 Date range: 25 Apr 2010 to 25 Nov 2015 Last updated: 11 Jan 2016 &nbsp… Continue reading

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