Extremely on the ball SEOs may have noticed that Linkdex is relaunching this week. Back in November, when Majestic SEO sponsored a session at Pubcon, John Straw from Linkdex created quite a storm with the promise of a fantastic new CRM system for SEOs and Link Builders. Well that’s going live this week and here’s a tip… If you follow @linkdex on Twitter they send you an automatic link for a free trial. They just won an award from eConsultancy (The same award Majestic SEO won last year) and you might like to work out why.

If you’re a link builder and you haven’t signed up for a trial of Linkdex’s new SEO Tool we recommend it’s the next thing you do. Linkdex is using Majestic’s database at the heart of its toolset to help identify link candidates. It then goes three steps further, because when you add a competitor to Linkdex they take Majestic’s links, re-crawl the linking pages as well as looking at other pages belonging to the linking site like the homepage, read the code, mash it together with data from Alexa, and pass it all through some really cool algorithms they call “RITE” which stands for Relevance, Influence, Type and Effectiveness.

• Relevance
Because Linkdex also track rankings they are able to look for the keywords you want to rank for and created a page relevance score.

• Influence
Now this is interesting. They have build on Majestics AC Rank by scoring the presence of on-page signals and traffic data to create a new score called Influence. It appears to be great at putting the best domains at the top and filtering out the stuff you really don’t want to visit.

• Type
By re-crawling pages Linkdex is able to accurately categorize linking sites by groupings like blogs, article sites, PR submissions, forums, resources, wiki’s and more.

• Effectiveness
It’s not another score, it’s an outcome. Linkdex’s Majestic data enhancements have increased effectiveness of competitor link data which in turn means you build more links. Pretty cool.

Goodbye Excel
If bringing us all some great link intelligence wasn’t enough, they’ve wrapped it all up in a link building workflow interface that moves links from being owned by a competitor, to being a prospects to being a new link built in a very slick way.

Rank Tracking, Site Optimization Advice And Integrated Task Manager
Linkdex is a really complete SEO tool with features like rank tracking charts that record when you build links on a timeline, site optimization advice based on the keywords you’re rank tracking and an integrated task manager.

We can see why they’ve just one the econsultancy award for SEO innovation and we wish them all the best in 2011. We predict this product may take the industry by storm. Take a look.

There’s a free 30 day trial at Linkdex but it’s worth taking a look at the 4 minute Linkdex video.

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