How To Videos

Here are some training videos to help you get started with Majestic and to learn more about our data and tools. We are working on having some of these “How to” videos translated, and are currently developing more specific training material for students. Watch this space! For now, by all means let us know what you think of the instructional videos below via the support button on the site. Thank you!

Registering and using Majestic for the very first time

An introductory video of what Majestic does and how to get started in a step by step guide. The video includes showing you how to get a full analysis of your own sites for free, by verifying the domains.

Site Explorer Tutorial

For many people, Site Explorer is the main point of entry to Majestic’s data. Quickly learn the interface and the incredible value that you get from the start with Majestic’s Link analysis tool.

Welcome To Flow Metrics – Training Video

For those of you who would like to understand exactly what Flow Metrics are, this video will explain everything, while also showing you around the new metrics.

Creating Reports in Majestic SEO

When you have a handle on what Site Explorer gives you, it is likely that you will want to dig into the backlinks to a domain in more detail. This video shows the types of report you can generate and why you might want these.

Using Standard Reports

There are different types of reports in Majestic SEO. If you are interested in the strongest links by anchor text, then the Standard report is ideal. Please look at “Creating Reports in MajesticSEO before seeing the Standard Reports video.

Using Advanced Reports

This video tutorial goes through the advanced report screens, filters and download options. Please look at “Creating Reports in MajesticSEO before seeing the advanced reports video.

What Majestic SEO gives you for FREE

This webinar was run in January 2011 and covers the main free uses of Majestic SEO and its data.

Majestic SEO’s Backlink History Graphs

One of the most popular free tools that Majestic offers is used by SEOs around the world to quickly assess relative competition. This tutorial covers all you need to know to use this tool in your business.

Clique Hunter Tutorial:

This formally introduces you to our Clique Hunter tool, which is a great way to find link hubs within your vertical, assess your competitors and visualse link similarities.

Bulk Backlink Checker

If you need to get headline information about the number of links from 10s or even hundreds of websites at once, this tool is almost instant and starts with a free service. Data can be exported to CSV for further analysis.

Majestic OpenApps

This short video shows off our OpenApps from a user’s point of view and shows how easy it is for a developer to integrate Majestic SEO’s customers into your own tools. Majestic OpenApps is available for developers on a Platinum package and can integrate any Majestic SEO subscription, whatever level it is.

Creating Heat Maps

This is an ingenious way of showing how your site is linked from around the world. It is especially useful if yor audience crosses several international boundaries.