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We offer regular webinars and training videos to help you get started and learn more about Majestic data and tools. However – many more formal courses* are available for Link Building. Whilst we’re not in a position to directly endorse any of the courses below, we have partnered with some third party training organizations around the world, who can help you get to grips with Majestic’s interface as part of an Internet Marketing workshop, SEO training or course.

Listed in alphabetical order –


Break The Web is one of New York City’s premier Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization agencies. Applying advanced SEO philosophies to each campaign, Break The Web has been excelling with SEO results since 2010. Along with the marketing solutions provided to their clients, this agency also provides training/coaching to students of all types, ranging from in-house SEO teams to full seminar engagements.

Bruce Clay, Inc. provides comprehensive SEO training that is constantly updated to reflect the latest changes to search algorithms. Offered across the world, hosted annually in Europe and India and bi-monthly in California. Bruce Clay stands out as a thought-leading industry pioneer and is known for his adherence to “white hat,” ethically minded SEO.


Dobry Web is a Czech agency focused on digital marketing services and training. The team consists of experts in online marketing, SEO, UX, copywriting and content marketing.

Emarketeers is the UK’s leading independent provider of SEO training. They run standard and advanced public courses UK-wide, as well as tailor-made courses in-house at companies.

ENAE Business School

ENAE Business School is the leading business school in the Southeast of Spain. The school is an international institution that focuses on postgraduate and executive training.

Gregory Ortiz is in charge of the education of one of the largest SEO training communities on the internet. In addition to this he owns and operates the #1 ranked digital agency in some of the largest cities across the globe.


The International Marketing School provides intensive 3 day training courses in International SEO, to arm delegates with the knowledge to effectively manage websites in multiple languages and countries. Courses run in Barcelona, London and various locations in the USA.

Jellyfish Training is a division of global independent digital agency Jellyfish. They offer courses in standard, advanced and local SEO alongside a full range of digital marketing, analytics and digital creative courses. Jellyfish offers training from offices in UK, US, South Africa and Spain.

Mimvi SEO is the leader of the education of one of the largest SEO training communities on the web. Mimvi SEO provides unmatched Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing services nationwide and has been awarded top SEO Company year after year.

NISEO is well-known in the digital marketing community in Ireland and the UK as one of the leading Search Engine Optimisation agencies, successfully ranking client sites both nationally and internationally.
Additionally, they deliver real-time SEO training, backed by testing and research to marketing executives and business owners, who seek to take their understanding of the search engine marketing environment to the next level.”

Selecto Marketing is a Brazilian agency specialized in Inbound Marketing. They support companies and help them grow by showing brands innovative ways to market using the web and social media.

SEO Simple SEO Simple is a web marketing company and the leader in SEO training in Israel.

Taste Medio is a full-service online marketing agency. They provide comprehensive website optimisation for search engines through technical site audits, creating and editing SEO friendly content and linkbuilding activities. Taste Medio also offers training workshops for professionals and marketing students. Besides SEO team, Taste Medio has an analytical team which sets up analytical tools (primarily Google Analytics) from scratch and evaluates data for clients. Another part of Taste Medio team is specialised in business intelligence. Their primary task is collecting data from various sources and tools, connecting them, transforming them into requested form and finally visualising them for clients.

UT Dallas_tex_orange

Alexander Edsel is a senior lecturer at the University of Texas in Dallas. A Director of the MS Marketing Program, he is a digital and internet Marketing specialist, sharing his knowledge through annual courses designed to assist undergraduates. He covers the Majestic tools in his sessions and the benefits of using certain features.


If you offer a training course that includes Majestic as an element, please let marketing know via

*Listing these sites does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of the training techniques of these companies, which are in no way affiliated to Majestic.Save