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How Google Still Depends on Backlinks

In recent years, the importance of link building has been a hotly debated topic. So, as I have worked in search for 9 years I thought it was only right that I give my two cents in to why I believe Google still greatly depends on Backlinks. We all know Link Building works similarly to…

Majestic’s Month in Words – May

Welcome to a new feature on our blog – “Majestic’s Month in Words” which is going to be a bit of a recap of the things we have seen and lessons we have learnt over the course of the last month. I realised over the weekend that we travel all over the world and meet…

Happy Holidays from Majestic!

By Nicola Carey | | 7 comments

Well what a year! We’ve seen business pages, data visualisations, labs.majestic, more content, and supported at least 40 events worldwide! It’s been a busy year and we hope all the Majestic news and work throughout 2015 has helped you to better understand link data, develop your business strategy and improve your online presence. Now we’re…

Majestic’s Universe And How We Can All Win!

By David Kenning | |

A Year Of Innovation This year we have worked hard to develop a range of innovative products and thought we would recap some of the main ideas should it help others. The collective list below also supported our application and entry for the UK Search awards which we were thrilled to have won last Thursday…

Link Miner: On Page Link Analyzer

By Dixon Jones | |

Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO has just integrated Majestic into his on page Link Analyzer extension, called “Link Miner” for Chrome. When it is configured properly, it will show you backlink counts and referring domain counts for any page you are viewing in Chrome. Take the Link Miner page itself: Link… Continue reading

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