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Power User Tips: Advanced Report Filtering

By Majestic Marketing | | 2 comments

We have often talked about how there are many advantages to creating an Advanced report. However, as a bit of a recap and to explain why their potential we should we’d recap the main features as a “Power User Tip” so you have all the main information in one area. You can see all the…

Link Building: 3 strong pillars of value

Earning high quality links is difficult but it’s something we all know we have to do. To get such links we have to offer value in three 3 distinct ways – provide value to the end reader, provide value to the publisher we want a link from, and not least provide value to our own…

Link Maps Tools Infographic

By David Kenning | |

Do you want to find out if your website has a stronger link profile than your competitor? Or maybe recrawl some new links? Check out the Link Map Tools! Continue reading

Five of the most awkward questions asked by SEO clients

By Krzysztof Marzec | | 4 comments

Inspired by Majestic, I decided to present 5 of the most awkward and difficult questions that SEO professionals hear way too often, with a little bit of advice on how to respond. 1.    When am I going to be in ‘The top 10’? This is probably the most uncomfortable question you can hear while working…

4 Reasons Your Competitors Get Media Coverage (And You Don’t)

By Ken McGaffin | |

Media coverage is great for any business. It brings traffic, sales and adds to your reputation – and it can bring valuable editorial links. But if you’re not experienced in public relations, how do you get media coverage? Just like SEOs, many PRs are self-taught and I believe it’s a skillset that can be learned.…

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