Digital Marketing Webinars

Join Dixon Jones (Global Brand Ambassador) and a panel of illustrious guests for installments of our Old Guard vs New Blood webinar series.

For each webinar Dixon is joined by experienced veterans of the industry, who have decades worth of experience, and the rising stars, fearless in trying new tricks.

Together they answer your questions about all things SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Analytics and more.

Our Next Webinar

Agency vs In-House Edition

Wednesday 27th May will see Dixon Jones host the ‘Agency vs In House’ edition of the webinar series.

He will be joined by Ruth Everett, Topher Kohan, Viola Eva and Susan Hallam MBE to talk about the differences between each role.

Past Webinars

Analytics Edition

In the Analytics edition, Dixon was joined by Analytics experts Sara Clifton, Annie Cushing, Jim Sterne, and Jill Quick, where they discussed the importance of analytics.

Social Media Marketing Edition

The Social Media Marketing edition saw Shari Thurow, David Mackenzie-Kong and Ned Poulter, all join Dixon to talk about how to market a brand on Social Media.

Link Building Edition

February’s Link Building edition had Dixon joined by Frank Watson, Helen Pollitt, and Alina Ghost, where they discussed their approaches to link building.

SEO Edition

The SEO edition saw Jenny Halasz, Bill Hunt Snr, Hannah Thorpe and Tom Pool all join Dixon to discuss all things SEO.

Watch On-Demand

Not able to catch it live?

Not to worry – all webinars are uploaded to our YouTube channel for you to watch at your convenience via the Old Guard vs New Blood playlist.