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What Can Majestic Tell Us about Pokémon Go’s Rise?

By Cameron Johnson | | 3 comments

The rise of Pokémon Go has been nothing short of meteoric. The old school 90’s card game had a tech revamp that sparked new found interest in most people, on some level, the world round. But, what can Majestic tell us about Pokémon Go’s rise? Well, keep reading to find out. First though, let us…

The pinnacle of SEO and PR working together to get those editorial links

Editorial links from major media outlets are the pinnacle of SEO and PR working together. The client site gets an immediate hit from publicity in a major outlet, plus an SEO boost with a link from a trusted website. A lot has been written on SEO and PR complementing each other – and even about…

Using Majestic to Analyse Fresh Content

By Matthew Aston | |

Majestic is already an invaluable tool for many SEO’s worldwide, but did you know that it can also be used to aid your social media efforts? Earlier this year, in May, Google announced that Android Pay is being launched in the UK, so I sat down to check out how shareable this announcement is, by…

Link prospects: The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

Would you want a link from one of the worst websites of the year? As we approach the end of 2015, many people are working on their reviews and compiling lists of the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ sites of the year. Of course, it ‘s fantastic to be featured as one of the best sites –…

Majestic Sees 22% increase in Domains in 80 days

By Dixon Jones | |

Majestic has just increased the number of known domains in its index by 22% over the last 80 days. When we posted last week that we now support all new gTLDs, we got a Tweet from the new Head of development for Moz, Russ Jones: As Rand was so kind as to mention us in his… Continue reading

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