How-To Training Videos

Here are some training videos to help you get started and use Majestic! They are specific to us and explain “How-To” use certain features of our website. We are working on some other new videos for 2015, and having some of these videos translated; but you can find out more about each video below. Enjoy :-)

Just to say, if you were looking for more specific training material for students then we have developed an online training course which provides not just tips, but exercises which students can take on Majestic tools and data. To read more about these videos and how to access the material check out our “Link Building using Majestic” blog post.


New to Majestic? Want help on “how-to” use the Majestic Site Explorer tool and exactly what it does? This is about a 5 minute walkthrough of the Site Explorer – One of Majestic’s main tools which was designed with the user in mind. By watching this video you will understand how you can analyse your website in more detail and its backlink profile information. This summary is short, to the point, and provides you with a great method of top-level analysis of the links to and from your website, and most importantly how this can be of benefit. Enjoy!

For those of you who would like to understand exactly what Flow Metrics are, and what that mean, as well as how they can benefit you, then this video will explain everything in a clear and comprehensive way.

Other videos to be updated soon:

Introduce you to what Majestic does and how to get started in a step by step guide. The video includes showing you how to get a full analysis of your own sites for free, by verifying the domains.

There are different types of reports in Majestic. If you are interested in the strongest links by anchor text, then the Standard report is ideal. Please look at “Creating Reports in Majestic before seeing the Standard Reports video.

This video tutorial goes through the advanced report screens, filters and download options. Please look at “Creating Reports in Majestic before seeing the advanced reports video.

One of the most popular free tools that Majestic offers is used by SEO’s around the world to quickly assess relative competition. This tutorial covers all you need to know to use this tool in your business.

This formally introduces you to our Clique Hunter tool, which is a great way to find link hubs within your vertical, assess your competitors and visualise link similarities.

If you need to get headline information about the number of links from 10s or even hundreds of websites at once, this tool is almost instant and starts with a free service. Data can be exported to CSV file for further analysis.

This short video shows off our OpenApps from a user’s point of view and shows how easy it is for a developer to integrate Majestic’s customers into your own tools. Majestic OpenApps is available for developers on a Platinum package and can integrate any Majestic subscription, whatever level it is.

This is an ingenious way of showing how your site is linked from around the world. It is especially useful if your audience crosses several international boundaries.

Please note: the updated Glossary section may also help you with different terms mentioned within the videos.