How-To Training Videos

Here are some training videos to help you get started and use Majestic! They are specific to us and explain “How-To” use certain features of our website. We are working on some other new videos for 2015, and having some of these videos translated; but you can find out more about each video below. Enjoy :-)



Majestic Toolbox

Video Icon cropGet in touch and use Majestic

This video will introduce you to the Majestic website and explain “how-to” get the most out of the backlink tools and data Majestic provide. It is a quick overview of how to navigate the website, use the tools and how Majestic can help you to better position yourself within your industry sector. A great video for an all-round overview of Majestic!

compare suite 2(3)

Video Icon cropUse the Backlink History Tool

The Backlink history tool shows you “how-to” display a chart illustrating growth in backlinks and referring domains over a period of time; allowing you to analyse your backlink growth compared to your competitor in pictorial form.

Bulk Backlink Checker

Video Icon cropUse the Bulk Backlink Checker tool

This video shows you “how-to” analyse and report on top-level information from hundreds of websites which is perfect for reporting! Plus, the data can be exported into a CSV file for further analysis and comparison.

Clique Hunter

Video Icon cropWork with the Clique Hunter Tool

This video will introduce you step-by-step to the Majestic Clique Hunter Tool which is a great way to find link hubs within industries and which domains are important linking to your website. In short, it will show you “how-to” turn a list of domains which MIGHT help you rank in the search engines into an awesome link candidate list, excluding potentially thousands of less likely sites and relegating those with the least traffic.

Flow metrics

Video Icon cropUnderstand the Trust and Citation Flow Metrics

For those of you who would like to understand exactly what the two Flow Metrics are, and what this term means, as well as “how-to” use these metrics to benefit you, then this video will explain everything in a clear and comprehensive way. Using charts, as well as Majestic, you will be able to see how “Trust Flows” through backlink data and can be used to review your backlink profile; in turn enabling you to improve your Search Engine Ranking.


Video Icon cropCompare with Link Profile Fight

This video will explain how you can analyse your websites’ Link Profile directly against that of your competition. By focusing on the Link Profile charts of two sites, this tool will compare them side by side so you can easily see which has got the strongest link profile. With this you can understand where your link profile is to be improved and where you over take other sites.

api options

Video Icon cropMake the most of the Majestic OpenApps

Are you a developer or Majestic user who wants to know “how-to” use Majestic OpenApps? If so, then this short tutorial will teach you the best way to set up an account, use the Majestic API data when developing via OpenApps, and how you can share your app with others.

Neighbourhood Checker(11)

Video Icon cropAnalysing IP addresses with the Neighbourhood Checker

By having the ability to see the IP address and Subnet of domains, you can spot any negative servers that may need to be avoided as well as any link farms. This video will present to you how to use the tool and what to keep your eye out for.


Video Icon cropUse the Site Explorer Tool

New to Majestic? Want help on “how-to” use the Majestic Site Explorer tool and exactly what it does? This is about a 5 minute walkthrough of the Site Explorer – One of Majestic’s main tools which was designed with the user in mind. By watching this video you will understand how you can analyse your website in more detail and its backlink profile information. This summary is short, to the point, and provides you with a great method of top-level analysis of the links to and from your website; and most importantly how this can be of benefit. Enjoy!

Advanced Reports 2

Video Icon cropCreate and use Standard/Advanced reports

This video shows you “how-to” create and use reports. When to use advanced reports, or what information you can obtain from standard reporting. So if you are interested in the strongest links by anchor text, when to apply more advanced filters or just the best way to download every link that Majestic has crawled for a specific domain, subdomain or URL, then this is the video for you! A video that helps you to organise your Majestic data!

To be updated soon:

Video Icon cropUse Majestic’s Backlink History Graphs

One of the most popular tools that Majestic offers is the Backlink History Tool. Used by SEO’s around the world to quickly assess the competition. This tutorial covers all you need to know on how-to use this tool in your business.

Or if you want more specific training…

We have developed an online training course which provides not just tips, but exercises that students can do on Majestic tools and data. To read more about these videos and how to access the material check out our “Link Building using Majestic” blog post.