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Index Update

By Alex | |

We updated our backlinks index second time this month, the index update stats are as follows: 332,546,227,816 unique pages crawled 3,281,502,845,650 unique URLs in total… Continue reading

Index Update

By Dixon Jones | | 1 comment

This is the index update for this month. 325,434,932,904 Pages crawled 3,207,846,754,541 Unique URLs… Continue reading

Index Update

Index Statistics 319,570,555,501 Pages crawled 3,146,399,791,446 Unique URLs Most recently discovered backlink: 13 Jan 2011. Index built on: 21 Jan 2011 Continue reading

Index Updated With Freshly Crawled Data

We’ve updated our index today with freshly crawled data – it now includes full crawl for 2010. Our crawling system is now recrawling a lot of URLs, so you should be able to see more fresh December 2010 crawl dates on backlinks: URLs with higher ACRank get recrawled more frequently. We’ve also revised calculation of…