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Christmas Cracker 16: Finding Affiliate Links

By Newsroom | |

The advanced report filters are fantastically detailed, and have a whole number of uses that will assist the user. Here, in short is how to use the filters in order to find a group of links, namely affiliate links to a site. However, in this blog post, we’ve gone into detail for how you can…

Christmas Cracker 14: See EVERY Back Link

By Dixon Jones | |

Although many system report back-link counts, most (including Google’s Webmastertools) do not let you download them all. With Majestic’s advanced reports we can give you every backlink in our index – either current (fresh)data or our historical index, going back for more than five years. Including deleted links! This video you will want to watch……

Christmas Cracker 13: One for all Developers

By Dixon Jones | |

Are you a developer? Here’s an easy way to integrate Majestic SEO into your Apps. More tomorrow! Look out for another nice code coming soon… Continue reading

Christmas Cracker 12: Need More Links Than Site Explorer?

By Dixon Jones | | 1 comment

Many people get the paid account and just use the Site Explorer day in, day out. That’s cool – but you get way more links and detail when you get a standard report: Just another Christmas Cracker Tip. See the others Continue reading