We see many emails from a variety of sources regarding the preparations and adaptions various companies are making in relation to the significant societal changes underway. The outpouring of compassion and adaption to what may be a “new normal” inspires us. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the virus and those on the front line fighting it.

We appreciate that you may be interested in the changes and adaptions we are making to adapt to this very dynamic environment. As a predominantly online business, we recognise that we face a lesser burden than many other businesses – especially those in the public transport and hospitality sectors, for whom we feel for.

What measures have we taken?

A guiding philosophy of the company has been to minimise dependencies on third party suppliers. This greatly simplifies our supply chain and helps us respond to change quickly. While we manage our own server infrastructure, we have made substantial investments over the years on server redundancy and failover support. Those of you who have been with us for a while may recognise our uptime and stability of service, which is testament to the skill of those who work on building and maintaining our technical stack.

We are mindful of the need for social isolation, and are aiming to move meetings online. As far as our SaaS product – we are aiming to provide “business as usual” to you. However, we recognise we do not exist in isolation from the rest of the world. If there is unforeseen disruption, we will prioritise the provision of core services to our customers. We may implement short term measures to safeguard capacity for others – with a preference to targeting more peripheral services. For example, we have taken the precaution to delay walkthroughs for a short period to ensure we have capacity to respond to customer concern during this period of change.

Supporting our workforce.

We are trying to take a nuanced approach to tackling corona-virus which respects our team’s physical health, mental well-being and government policy.

Where possible, our employees are being encouraged to home-work. While much of the infrastructure to support this is already in place, we continue to adapt and implement new processes to the dynamic situation in policy and public thought.

Effort is going into making sure that those who can work at home do so in a safe environment. We recognise that – faced with a more prolonged period of homeworking, adaptions may be required. We are making chairs, laptop stands and other equipment available to ensure our team are supported, and investing in communications tools.

Thinking of you.

We do not exist in isolation. We have communities – physical and virtual, who are being impacted by not just the illness but the changes caused by it. We will continue to adapt to support you, our employees, and communities.

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