How to make the most of your Majestic subscription

Link building can be hard. 

Yet, cultivating quality links to your site is essential to a successful digital marketing plan.

Backlinks remain a crucial factor that search engines consider when determining where a website appears in search results.

Various useful tools exist to help marketers navigate the world of link-building.

SEO tools can provide helpful information, such as the backlink profiles of competing businesses. These insights can assist users in refining their strategies to remain competitive. 

Digital Marketing Institute emphasises the importance of SEO and the benefits businesses can obtain from implementing an effective SEO strategy.

This blog post will highlight several useful capabilities of Majestic. By becoming familiar with the features, you can determine if Majestic could be a helpful addition to your set of tools. 

Now, let’s delve into the benefits of adding Majestic to your set of web-based tools

Topical Trust Flow 

Majestic aims to help customers find topically relevant links, as search engines perceive links from topically relevant sites as trustworthy. The Topical Trust Flow (the third Majestic proprietary Flow Metric) is a tool for organising websites based on relevance.

Majestic has identified numerous website categories and placed the majority of websites into appropriate groups depending on the content and focus of each site. 

The Topical Trust Flow metric assigns a score on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 100 to measure the relative authority of a web page, subdomain, or root domain within a particular topic or category. Higher scores indicate more topical influence within that category.

The feature aims to help users find relevant backlink opportunities (and helps identify links from disavowed spammy, irrelevant sites linking to their domain/website).

To learn more, please see the following blog post:

The Link Context tool provides further information regarding the links found on a webpage.

Search engines value contextually valuable links because they help create a better user experience. As a result, websites have the potential to gain credibility and improve their ranking by providing contextually relevant links.

The tool enables you to evaluate links in a genuinely distinctive manner. 

Using the Link Context tool, you can uncover the following information:

  • Determine whether the link is an editorial one or if it is part of a directory.
  • View the other internal and external links near your backlink
  • Analyse the number of nearby images or frame links
  • Understand whether the surrounding links are DoFollow or NoFollow links.

And so much more in only a couple of clicks! 

There are additional capabilities beyond the core link analysis. Discovering your competitors’ most valuable links, tracking your deleted links, and locating unlinked mentions is achievable using the robust Link Context filters. 

Search engines value contextual links because they help create a better user experience. As a result, websites have the potential to gain credibility and improve their ranking by providing contextually relevant links.

You may wish to read the following guide to discover the various functionalities of the tool:

Carefully examining the referring domains that link to your site enhances your website’s search engine rankings. 

However, taking it one step further and evaluating the websites part of your link network is also useful. 

That’s where Link Graph comes in.

Usually, backlinks from Tier 2, 3 or 4 websites do not appear in standard backlink checks. 

But Majestic decided to change that. 

The tool helps customers to see the connections between links across up to four levels. Link Graph offers the opportunity to visualise the direct network of links around a website or URL. 

When you enter a website, Link Graph will identify the top 50 websites that point to it. Three further tiers are then explored, identifying the top 10 links associated with each site. 

All in real-time!

You can effortlessly find backlinks that have the potential to enhance your SEO efforts. The tool also helps you find backlinks that might negatively impact your rankings. By analysing how websites link to one another, you can uncover useful information to enhance your online presence. 

Bill Hartzer did a brilliant series exploring how to utilise the tool:

Clique Hunter

Majestic offers a tool that streamlines the process of finding optimal link prospects. 

Simply enter up to 10 domains (including your own), and Majestic will display websites that link to your competition. Majestic will provide your competitors’ top ten links on each website. Information such as the Flow Metric ratings, destination URL and date the link was first discovered will also be displayed.

The results are automatically sorted by the ones with the highest Trust Flow score. However, you have the option to refine the results using various filters.

To find websites that do not have links pointing to your site, click the ‘Find Link Opportunities’ filter and choose your domain. 

Given that these websites contain links pointing to your competitors, they are likely to be topically relevant.  Examining your competitors’ backlinks can provide insights into their strategies. The analysis can spark ideas for when you are developing your link-building strategies.

Here’s a quick video explaining the tool further:

The Related Sites tool displays a list of a maximum of 100 websites that are closely connected to the domain you searched.

With a collection of robust Link Context data and advanced heuristics, Majestic can identify websites that are closely linked on a page.

The tool will display geographically close websites, competitor websites, and sites connected through business partnerships.

It can help improve your brand’s visibility and rankings on search engines for a particular niche and discover new outreach opportunities.

If your goal is to boost traffic to your website or gain an edge over competitors targeting the same audience, Related Sites can help you accomplish your goals effectively.

To learn more about the tool, please see our explainer.

The Fresh and Historic Index

The Fresh Index contains the data that Majestic crawled in the past four months. The Fresh Index is updated frequently throughout the day.

The Historic Index is the most comprehensive Index available in Majestic. The Index contains all the links that Majestic found since June 2006, when crawling began. 

The huge Historic database provides users with information about how websites link together. The Index is usually refreshed monthly to incorporate new data.  

You can leverage this invaluable resource for:

  • Understanding competitors’ link-building strategies over time
  • Gaining deeper insights into your link-building campaigns
  • Performing in-depth audits of backlinks
  • Discovering deleted links and reclaiming them

And so much more! 

In 2022, Majestic launched a tool that provides Fresh and Historic data for a URL or domain – all in one file!

Majestic API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is software that facilitates connectivity between two or more applications by enabling them to communicate using distinct API commands.

API Integrations can benefit your business in many ways. For example:

  • Utilising API enables the creation of diverse user experiences by allowing the adjustment of protocols, functions, and commands to cater to specific requirements
  • APIs enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively implement innovative projects in a flexible manner
  • APIs make it easier and faster to build applications and software by letting developers include data, functionality and features from other applications into their own. This avoids the need to develop everything themselves from the ground up.

Majestic’s API subscription options are perfect for developers and companies that require large amounts of data. You can choose the amount of data you need each month, which is customisable on the Pricing page.

The API subscriptions give you access to all of Majestic’s tools and capabilities. Up to 5 users can use the same subscription simultaneously. Customers can also benefit by avoiding per-seat usage costs.

To learn more about the API, please see the following link:


Combining your knowledge and skills with SEO tools can be incredibly valuable. When used to their full extent, the tools offer users the opportunity for a great return on investment.

Majestic provides many features, including examining backlinks and conducting site audits. 

This blog post has highlighted some of Majestic’s key tools so you can grasp how Majestic’s capabilities can add value to your organisation. 

A 7-day money-back guarantee offer is available to first-time customers. This gives you the opportunity to explore Majestic’s tools and features. If you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund. 

More information can be found in section 11 of our T&Cs:

If you would like a free online personal, live demo of Majestic, you can book one here:

To begin using Majestic right away, please purchase a plan here:

Thanks for reading! 

Kainat Malik

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