You asked for it, so we finally added it. You can choose the period of time to view the back link history graph over. This feature has been added to the Backlink History Checker and will give you access to a wider range of information regarding how many different websites have and are linking to your site.

I would assume that the majority of you reading this are already familiar with how the Backlink History Checker works, so in that case I will go straight into explaining how this new feature works. When using the backlink history checker previously, you would only be able to check a limited range of information in terms of how far you could go back. But now, with the ability to go back one, two or five years you can compare exactly how well you are doing in line with your competitors. You can also see EXACTLY the times of year where the amount of sites linking to your site is at its peak and also the times of year where the links drop. This information will also be available about your competitors too.

Once you have put the five web domains that you wish to compare and clicked the compare button, you should be taken to a page that looks like the screen shot below. The only possible way to access the newest feature is to make sure that you are using ‘Historic Data’. Once you have selected ‘Historic Data’, a new button will appear. This button (highlighted in the box), is where the option to go back one, two or five years is located.

To give you an example of what the new graphs will look like, the screen shot above is comparing over five years, five different news websites. As you can see, the blue line ( is peaking between July and October each year since 2008, whereas the Washington Post (red line) and the Daily Mail (dark blue line) stay relatively flat throughout the year. Without Majestic’s newest feature, this information would not have been available to you.

The update to the Backlink History Checker is available right now. So next time you want to check any backlinks to your site, make sure you take advantage of this brilliant new addition to the service. You won’t regret it.

Go to the tool and try it out here.

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