We have all been touched by the humanitarian crisis in Europe precipitated by the Invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. As a British Business, we have friends, colleagues and business partnerships across Europe. As a team, our hearts go out to all of those adversely affected by this awful conflict.
We have no desire to seek to position ourselves as a source of authority on this terrible crisis. Majestic’s specialism is in link data, not conflict. There are people far more qualified than us to comment on theses horrors and believe it is right they are given the space to do so.
In keeping with this principle, we would like to take a moment to highlight a guide from SERanking of a list of organisations seeking donations for Ukraine.
While difficult at a time of turmoil, we have had to assess how the unfolding crisis in Ukraine impacts our marketing and business strategy.

We anticipate the impact of regulatory changes will result in Majestic no longer being a viable service for the majority of SEO’s and digital marketing professionals in Russia.
Sanctions and measures being imposed by the US, UK and EU have resulted in increasing complexity for international trade with companies in Russia and Belarus. It is anticipated that these measures will prevent customers with Russian banks from creating new subscriptions, and also prevent the periodic renewal of existing services.
It is no longer appropriate for Majestic to market its services in the Russian Federation. As a part of a withdrawal of marketing activity, the Russian language platform at ru.majestic.com will be discontinued. We do recognise that language is separate to territorial borders, and apologise for the inconvenience to Russian speakers worldwide for the inconvenience this represents. We will continue to offer a service with support across a number of other languages at Majestic.com.

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