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Women in Tech SEO is a global community of women working in the SEO industry. The organisation’s aim is to encourage women to share their experiences, knowledge and skills. 

The one-day conference, packed with insights from 10 experts in our industry, featured four categories: Analyse, Advance, Innovate and Empower.

Attendees were treated to an exciting line-up of a diverse range of speakers who shared their valuable insights and experience.

Majestic sponsored the event as tier two sponsors, and some of our team enjoyed the trip to London, so here are Bethany, Kim and Kainat’s impressions of the Women in Tech SEO Festival in London, 2023.

The Stage at the Women In Tech SEO Festival
The Stage at the Women In Tech SEO Festival


As a woman working in the tech industry, attending the Women in Tech SEO Festival was an incredibly empowering and uplifting experience.

One of the stand out talks for me was by Chima Mmeje (SaaS Content Strategist, Zenith Copy) on Keyword Research.

The talk was filled with humour and personal anecdotes, which allowed her to effortlessly engage the audience and really connect with them on a personal level.

Helen Pollitt (Head of SEO, Car & Classic) performed an excellent talk on managing your SEO career. The audience was captivated by her presenting style: she was naturally funny, engaging and perceptive – you could listen to her speak for hours.

She talked about team structures, understanding what success means to you, and ways to ensure you get everything out of your job that you want and need.

One of the biggest takeaways I had from that talk was about scheduling your own self-reflection, and auditing yourself. Once or twice a year, review what skills you have, and what skills you need for your job.  Consider things you’re experienced with, things you want to learn, and things you have strong theoretical knowledge of, but need a chance to try. You can then use this to make an action plan of areas you want to improve yourself in order to ‘level-up’ your career.

Overall, attending WTSFest was an amazing experience. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented and passionate women, and I left feeling incredibly motivated. I highly recommend this festival to any woman working in the tech industry, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the field for years. It’s a truly unique and valuable opportunity.

Bethany and two colleagues in front of the ‘WTSFEST’ sign
Bethany and two colleagues in front of the ‘WTSFEST’ sign


Attending the Woman in Tech SEO festival was an amazing all-round experience.

The festival not only allowed us to network with like-minded individuals, but also gave us the chance to share our experiences, providing each other with valuable learning opportunities.

The event had a diverse range of sessions throughout the day, covering topics from technical SEO to career development and personal growth. As someone who is relatively new to the SEO industry, the event expanded my knowledge of SEO, encouraged me to keep learning and empowered me to take a more active role in my self-growth.

Giulia Panozzo’s ‘Neuroscience of Search’ was a discussion that stood out to me most at the event as it was related to my background in psychology and business.

The topic explored the cognitive processes that individuals go through when conducting a search query, and explained how factors like user intent, emotions and attention, influence the search process.

By understanding the science behind search, I gained insight into how SEO professionals could develop more effective strategies for optimising content that aligns with the way users think and process information.

‘Standing in Your Confidence’ by Leyla Okhai was also truly transformative, and although this particular session wasn’t related to SEO, it enabled me to feel more confident in my career. It was a shame that most talks ran only 15 minutes long as I was eager to learn more! However, my overall experience of the Women in Tech SEO festival was inspiring, and it left me feeling motivated and more confident in both my personal and career aspirations.

Kim in front of the ‘WTSFEST’ sign
Kim in front of the ‘WTSFEST’ sign


The event was a chance for women to come together, network and learn from industry leaders. The atmosphere was positive and uplifting. 

The talk that really stood out for me, in particular, was ‘Data Storytelling’ by Lazarina Stoy.

Lazarina talked about the art of presenting action-oriented data with a compelling narrative to a specific audience. 

A structure was outlined for effective reporting; data collection, data analysis, data visualisation and portraying a story. 

Memorable data storytelling can make a bigger impact. 

The process involves highlighting the key scenarios and current performance, stating the causes of the results. Then, proposing a resolution to create a new and desirable reality. 

This was followed by examples of how to apply the reporting structure in real-life situations, such as conveying data to clients as an SEO agency. 

Research has found that storytelling is a more effective method of engaging an audience, and driving change.

Attending this talk was a great reminder of the importance of sharing SEO results beyond just the numbers. Through good data storytelling, you can outline insightful action-driven data that can help the organisation reach their goals – and build trust along the way. 


Thank you to the speakers and attendees of Women in Tech SEO 2023.

We also want to thank Areej AbuAli for organising the event, and nurturing such a wonderful community.

We left the event with notebooks full of knowledge, new perspectives and inspiration.

If you are interested in finding out more about Women in Tech SEO and attending future events, please see the following link:

Thanks for reading!

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