Building an application can be stressful, tedious and expensive to get off the ground. While we’re not able to make the process any easier, we can help you keep costs down as you develop. We’re happy to grant free access to our developer sandbox, and allow you to develop your project without additional out of pocket costs.

The development sandbox will give you access to the full range of commands available on the Majestic SEO API but on a small subset of our older data. It’s a great way to develop new tools and applications but you’ll need to upgrade to either a fully API enabled subscription to get live data for internal use or through OpenApps or an Enterprise contract to pull useful data for third party tools.

We’re happy to offer free access to our developer sandbox to the developers of tools for internal use, for those of you looking to build great third party tools or for students working on development projects. To request access, just get in touch using the form below.

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