The Majestic platform has received a huge injection of new data to enhance your Link Prospecting and Link Auditing campaigns. Majestic now contains more information about links than ever before – including source page analysis as represented by the “Link Density Chart” #dataviz. From today, a new, Link Context enhanced Site Explorer is available for Fresh Index, with significant changes to be found on the Summary Page, Pages tab and a new “Link Context” tab.

Majestic Link Context goes beyond the text outside the link, performing source code analysis at scale to analyse link location and the density of links. This analysis, when coupled with the Site Explorer sorting and filtering parameters, can vastly reduce the effort required to create short-lists of interesting backlinks.

The new “Link Context” tab shows links from pages we have analysed. The Link Context chart captures the location within the source code of the page where the link is found, along with the quantity of internal and external links. There is a lot of information packed into the chart, so it’s worth a short introduction.

A Link Context chart typical of directory pages.

The Link Context Chart above is typical of a “Directory” page – bulging with links from start to finish. For Link Context chart generation, the source code of the page is analysed and broken into up to 40 sections. Orange Links are external, Blue Links internal. The outer line bulges when one of the sections analysed is densely packed with links, or more technically saturated with link data.

Majestic refers to areas which contain a lot of links as having high “Link Density”. The Green Bar represents where our crawlers have discovered the link.

Let’s look at a different page.

A Link Density Chart typical of Editorial content.

The Link Density Chart may represent digital PR gold. Outside of the link-dense header and footer sections is a long area of content where Links are sparse – what we refer to as low link density. The backlink indicated by the green rectangle could be a high-value editorial link in an article.

These are two extremes of Link Density charts – but hopefully, already, the benefit is becoming apparent – by capturing an essence of the context of a backlink and viewing it in visual form, the content becomes far more apparent.

Try for Free

You can try Link Context out for yourself with the Majestic Site Explorer Preview – just go with the default search on the Majestic home page, and check out the Summary, Pages and Context tabs.

Armed with a basic understanding of Link Density Charts makes Link Prospecting far easier. Levering the filtering options helps you drive outreach to the next level. At this point, it’s worth sharing that a range of “filtering recipes” can be found on the Site Explorer Summary page, and encourage hands-on discovery…

Further Reading

Thanks for reading this introduction to Link Context. For more information, please download the free Majestic guide on Link Context (English language only, sorry).


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