No time for jokes from us on April 1st… no time.

This week we have a whole bundle of “little” changes to make your lives easier. Together they amount to an excellent fortnight, but different users will enjoy different bits of the upgrade – so if you have a minute, check and see if that little “Feedback” that you always wanted is in this release.

Easily Revisit Recent Searches:

Your browser tab can now remember your five most recent searches on the site. You can use these as a quick way to jump between Site Explorer, or Search Explorer, results:

This is an experimental setting, it is held in a your browser tab only and never sent back to our servers.

If you jump between tabs, a new group of search items will open. Because it is an experiment, it is currently OFF by default. To activate, you have to switch it on in Site Settings

For now, it is OFF by default, but I’ll be switching mine on for sure. Once you get the hang of it, it should speed up certain parts of a heavy user’s day. We’d love to hear feedback.

If people like it, we can look to a solution that’s more permanent across a whole user’s account (eg. search in Mobile and it appears in Desktop). The best way to tell us you like it will be to switch it on in your settings and tell your friends as well. The other way is to click that Feedback button on the left of the main Majestic site.

Custom Toolbar Icons:

You can customise the icons that appear to the left of your username (or even just opt for no icons).

Tick the icons that you would like to appear. There are only four actions in the list at the moment, but in time we could evolve this to jump to any page in the site.


Cosier Error Messages:

Our system is somewhat more complex than your average WordPress installation! Sometimes things go wrong for any manner of reasons and it is not always clear whether the fault was ours, the Internet, or something the user did. In all three cases, just saying, “it broke,” is less than helpful. We now have a new, softer error message that talks through a 1..2..3 of what to do next.

Site Messages:

We have moved site messages from the out-of-place blue bar at the top to a lovely almost-black bar at the bottom. This is one of our favourite site improvements.

Example 1:Example 2:

The bar is shared between messages (yellow text and icon) and raw exports (orange text and icon).

Site Explorer:

The Site Explorer search box is very clever, it interprets your search term to direct you to the most appropriate of our four scope choices. This is a huge time-saver when you’re used to it.

If you enter something that looks like a strict URL, you can just hit “Enter” without choosing scope and we’ll take you straight to a URL search.

If you are not expecting the jump, it can take you unawares, so, to help keep you aware of the sub-set of domain data you’re using, we’ve added a “Scope Checker.” If you are on the summary page for anything other than the Root domain, we’ll let you know that you are only looking at a subset of information.

This should help those of you who copy and paste URLs from browser windows, and the browser automatically appends http://with a closing trailing slash.

It was very tricky with this one trying to work out how to alert without annoyance. We’ll keep an eye out for feedback on this item.


In case you missed it, we already integrated Twitter cards into Site Explorer.

New Icons:

There are new icons for Create Report and Verify Domain in Site Explorer.

Minor bug fixes:

Fix. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t change the search term and scope at the same time.

Fix. Fixed a bug where a capital letter in a URL (e.g.: would make Site Explorer think that you were entering a URL, not a root/sub/path.

Fixed. Fixed an Advanced Reports issue where the blue bordered box goes out of sync with the radio button that shows the selected report.

General UX tweaks –

  • Search Explorer – If a search term has zero results and it looks like it may be a URL, give a quick link to a Site Explorer search
  • Search Explorer Show a reminder that zero-result search terms are added to the search dictionary
  • Site Explorer Added “add this search” to bucket functionality for the current search term in Site Explorer
  • Raw Export  Non-subscription users now see the Raw Export icon with instructions on how to grab our data
  • Advanced Reports  Added the Raw Export pie chart to help users visualise the size of their report
  • Subscription The PayPal icon on the subscription page is now clickable
  • Page Speed Compressed script and style files. Should result in a slightly speedier load time
  • Blog posts  Blog posts on the front page now have friendly dates; [today, yesterday, this week, last week]
  • Subscription Changed to prettier payment icons on the subscriptions page
  • About Us Change to a prettier About Us page
  • FAQ Added an FAQ item for users who would like to change credit card details
  • Data tables Standardised the colour of in-table page titles throughout the site
  • Language Standardised language around the use of Majestic widgets / plugins.

Now we need something from you!

As you can tell – we have really started to take UX seriously and we hope you are enjoying the enhancements. If you like them, please PLEASE tell your friends…  🙂

Do you have something you’d like to suggest? A huge number of our tweaks come directly from your feedback, and every item that we receive is added to our feedback board.


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