At the International Search Summit recently I had 20 minutes to talk about some of the more advanced link analysis functions that you can use in Majestic. Most people just want to know the anchor text in back-links, but this presentation contains several screen shots from MajesticSEO and also shows the principals of:

  • Using the Folders feature in MajesticSEO to organize your clients’ competitors into logical groups
  • Link reclamation (Finding links to your site which do not currently carry juice and fixing these in your control)
  • Improving the quality of the data set to improve it to suit your needs
  • The bad neghbourhood checker
  • Targeting links from sites that link to more than one of your competitors.

Here it is:

If you would like me to mention you here, please let me know. I usually invite all attendees to be listed when Receptional does link building presentations, but as this was with my Majestic hat on and because we had a free link building analysis at the show instead, I never quite got to make that offer this time.

Other tutorials are available on our How to Videos page.



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