Social Media channels can have a life of their own, but they can also be a great tool to generate more traffic. When you publish something on Facebook; options like sharing, liking or comments give the best results. But is that all? I decided to use Majestic to check backlinks and find the correlation between a social media channel such as YouTube and the link data.

YouTube links

YouTube has an impressive 13 million referring domains according to Majestic; which converts into 11 billion links. It’s worth taking a closer look at them.

If we take an analysis of SpiderDog ( it shows 2000 referring domains. Instantly this is a great source for link generation because if you want to promote similar funny videos, or promote a platform/forum containing this theme of videos; you instantly know of locations to try to add a link. Plus, it’s worth noting that as the potential of a link generation is so big, some places create their own HydePark section; where it is possible to get those links (even if the topic is totally different) so you can generate a great list of links that can be useful when starting your research on where to submit a YouTube video. Definitely increasing your chances of becoming the next big internet sensation!

In summary, among the backlinks we can find:

  • General forums, and forums about specific categories that accept links that don’t follow/follow to a similar materials
  • Blogs where links appear in their posts and comments
  • A lot of services where the links can be generated while using comments or content generated by the users

image - 1

image - 2

This technique can be also used in different categories, for example websites with music and video clips. In places like this you can find a niche for your publications by analysing incoming links from other famous video clips. The more popular the video, the greater the chance to get some links. Videos in languages other than English can help you reach a very interesting niche in certain regions too.

What are the rules for Social Media links?

The rules between Social Media sites are fairly similar, but we will analyse Twitter and Facebook this time. The links can be analysed while using URLs, addresses of the group, fan pages, URLs of a certain user or articles. On Twitter, it is worth analysing profiles of a famous people. We have to remember however that we are going to filter a large number of links with high Trust & Citation Flow scores, but don’t be discouraged by it! Places where moderators and users accept links to specific groups have a bigger chance to be areas that not only generate good links, but also increase the traffic to your website.

One of the most interesting examples that I’ve seen is a website aggregating all sort of competitions on the Internet. Link analysis showed a few dozen places that I could use to place the links of my client’s competition. The result: Links, publicity and traffic on the website, as well as a great list of links that can be used in the future. Perfect, right?

Twitter Backlink Profile

image - 3

image - 4

Facebook Backlink Profile

image - 5

image - 6


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