As we all get into the new reality, Digital Marketing is better placed than most to work remotely. But how do you manage teams remotely or how do you want to be managed remotely?

Remote Working - Digital Marketing Webinar

On Wednesday 5th August we talk with people that have dealt with remote working in SEO for years.

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Your Host

Dixon Jones is your host, and while he may be ancient in industry terms, remote work and managing people remotely is a whole new thing to him. Luckily he has some amazingly well qualified panellists to ask:  

The Old Guard

Gareth Hoyle of Marketing Signals has been running large scale remote teams in India and across the world for years as well as more local teams.  

The Vanguard

Aleyda Solis is the co-founder of, a remote work hub offering a free remote job board, how-to guides, tools, events and more resources to facilitate remote work.

The New Blood

Jo Juliana Turnbull has been remote working since 2010. Now growth hacking for Authoritas plus SEO consultant for SMEs, Jo is also well known for running Search London and Turn Digi.

Previous Webinars

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