Want to build a tool but don’t have cash?

Although we do not have a traditional Affiliate program, we WILL consider helping out developers who perhaps cannot afford to have an API account but can build applications that people will love.

To qualify, your app will need to have some “traction” in the market. A dozen regular users should be enough. We will generally give developers up to three months OpenApps access on the basis of a reasonable proposal in this form, to give you time to develop an application and get a few regular users. If you are unable to generate this level of interest in your app after three months, then you would be able to continue using your app but would need to sign up to an API account to do so after the three months has expired.

Any paid Majestic account (Lite and up) can use an OpenApps program as a client, but to build one you will need OpenApps developer. (OpenApps comes as standard within API accounts and above.)

What if my App is so good that everyone uses it?

Let’s get a dozen users first! but we will consider OpenApps partnerships for apps that have a large user base on a case by case basis.

What if I do not want to give you my customers?

Our Biggest API customers pay many thousands of pounds every month for the license/rights to Resell our data. If you want to be an Enterprise customer, please contact us separately or state that you would like more details about this option in this form.


Think of this form as requesting a bank loan for your small business. Bear in mind that you are asking Majestic to give you £960 worth of usage of Majestic access right out of the gate and potentially £3,200 worth a year. For that we will need pretty strong evidence that you will be representing our brand well and  will be a good investment. API users tend to require more complex support than normal users and so we will not be likely to accept applications that are sloppily typed, or do not show any real evidence of ever being commercially viable.

Be as complete as you can in your application please. It is your business too – so if you are unable to explain the benefits to us, then we might feel that you are also unlikely to be able to get the marketing message out to your own audience.

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