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How it works

We rank every website in the world based on the number citations from OTHER websites (Links). Simply add a website to see where it ranks in the Majestic Million, as well as who is above and below it in the list. You can see important metrics in an up to date table. Take the screenshot below. We can see that the BBC is one place above the New York Times. A very mildly great thing for Britain, but Interestingly, BOTH traditional media outlets are slightly behind the modern technology of technorati.com – a site that tracks the world’s blogosphere:

BBC Chart for the Majestic Million
Majestic ranks the top million websites based on the sites that link to them

The winners and the losers are listed in the left hand column – where we can see that taobao.com (a far eastern shopping portal) rose up one place to 95 in the world (and up to position 74 for all .com websites) on the date this snapshot was taken.

Buzz Tables: A commercial application

We have also given users the ability to compare up to 10 sites side by side. You are not limited to analysing one site at a time. You can choose ten and compare. So we saw that the BBC was JUST beating the New York Times by chance as they were beside each other in the list, but let’s compare: the BBCCNN, the New York Times, the Guardianthe Washington PostTechnorati and theHuffington post. The data may change from day to day – but right now you can see that comparison below in a screenshot of this link.

Buzz Tables are ways to compare sites side by side
Buzz Tables let you easily compare sites in a vertical side by side.

What ELSE can you do with the Majestic Million?

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Everyone wants to show the world they matter, right? So we have created a little set of badges that anyone in the Majestic Million can use on their own websites to give their reader an idea of how important they are:

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