Check Fake News

By David Kenning |

You can use Majestic to check fake news. According to a 2016 survey conducted by Pew Research Centre, 62% of Americans get their news on social media. Social media has allowed the world to find out the latest news across the world as it happens and when it happens but unfortunately, this has been taken…

The 5 Do’s of SEO for 2017

By Sergey Grybniak |

From its earliest days, search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the most dynamic areas of digital marketing. Due to Google’s dedication to consistently improving user experience (by offering relevant search results to users quickly and accurately), SEO professionals should always be on the lookout for updates and changes. There is a problem, though.…

Precise link prospecting in a few minutes

By Damian Kielbasa |

I bet a lot of you think about attracting more users to your website every day. Keyword research, creating good content and finding the right way to spread it are marketing basics. In this tutorial, we will try to show you how to ease this process and automate a huge part of the content distribution…

A New Approach to Blogging. Expect a Better Standard.

By Dixon Jones |

On the whole, Our blog posts have been better than average. No more unsubstantiated content. Not on this blog. Here is why Majestic will be setting new blog content standards into practice and why companies striving to use thought leadership as part of their market positioning should consider this as well. If Google Has a…

Stop writing about keywords – Consider topics and users

By Nils Fridlund |

There is much debate about SEO and some would argue it’s getting even harder to produce greater visibility and stronger search results; more backlinks are demanded and you need more than adding the keywords a couple of times for great success. There is no more shortcuts and you truly need to learn SEO to rank…

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