Five of the most awkward questions asked by SEO clients

By Krzysztof Marzec |
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Inspired by Majestic, I decided to present 5 of the most awkward and difficult questions that SEO professionals hear way too often, with a little bit of advice on how to respond. 1.    When am I going to be in ‘The top 10’? This is probably the most uncomfortable question you can hear while working…

Link Data Advice from Duane Forrester Part 2

By Rosanne Shepherd |

We are continuing on in the series of ‘Link Data Advice from Duane Forrester’.  Last week we began the mini-series by starting to look at how Link data can be used beyond SEO and introducing you to Duane’s thoughts on how to use link data to measure influence.  If you missed the first instalment of…

Queen’s Award Winners & Proud

By Newsroom |

Majestic has been keeping a secret… an email from Her Majesty’s Government announcing that we are Queen’s Award Winners. It starts like this: How we were notified as a Queen’s Award winner.   As The Queen’s 90th birthday gets underway, the announcement of the 50th… Continue reading

Link Data Advice from Duane Forrester Part 1

By Rosanne Shepherd |

Link data analysis is essential for SEO; it can be used for a variety of tasks such as: identifying possible link placement opportunities, explaining your current rank position, analysing competitor’s links and reputation management. But is that all? If used creatively, link data can be used for activities beyond the realms of SEO for practices…

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