A Small Addition to Enrich Backlink Tracking

By Callum |

Now it is easier to track a domain or page over time. Since its release a few months ago, we have been striving to improve our new backlink tracking tool: campaigns. For those unaware, campaigns help you to track many of the metrics available through the Majestic Site Explorer including our flow metrics. Ken McGaffin…

Case study: Embed Majestic data into third party applications

By David Iwanow |

Majestic is a wonderful platform for link discovery but often it can take a lot more time to dig out the specific data points that you need. A very simple solution to access Majestic data is via OpenApps (requires paid account) which allow you to easily embed Majestic data into your third party applications. I…

2016: The year in Top Level Domain Data

By Mike Downey |

Here is some new Top Level Domain (TLD) Research that nobody has seen before. A Top Level Domain is the suffix that appears after the last dot in a domain name. So “.com”, “.Net”, and now “.shop” and “.travel” are examples of TLDs. Every few days Majestic recalculates the list of TLDs and prepares a…

13 SEO Experts Give Their Biggest Takeaway of 2016 In The World Of SEO

By David Kenning |

We have asked our Majestic Ambassadors, colleagues and friends about what they have learned this 2016…   Fili Wiese, former Google Search Quality team member: At this point – November 2016 – we already have seen the most exciting SEO and Search Industry developments of the year. It is unlikely for any major search engine…

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