How Google Still Depends on Backlinks

By Chan Dhillon |

In recent years, the importance of link building has been a hotly debated topic. So, as I have worked in search for 9 years I thought it was only right that I give my two cents in to why I believe Google still greatly depends on Backlinks. We all know Link Building works similarly to…

Majestic’s Month in Words – June

By Nicola Carey |

So following on from the first edition of “Majestic’s Month in Words” in May which recapped the things I’d learnt in the last month, it’s time for June’s insight. June was still a busy event period for Majestic as we supported six more shows across the globe. The first one started on the very first…

Link Building: 3 strong pillars of value

By Ken McGaffin |

Earning high quality links is difficult but it’s something we all know we have to do. To get such links we have to offer value in three 3 distinct ways – provide value to the end reader, provide value to the publisher we want a link from, and not least provide value to our own…

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