Majestic SEO Tutorial – Bulk Backlink Tool

By Newsroom |

The Bulk Backlink Checker is essential to find out the key backlink information from the broad range of websites you want to compare. This short video will explain how to use the Majestic Tool and how we can use this information in Excel to gain a greater understanding of link building strategies. Watch our Majestic…

Index Update

By Alex |

We updated our backlinks index second time this month, the index update stats are as follows: 332,546,227,816 unique pages crawled 3,281,502,845,650 unique URLs in total… Continue reading

Introducing Majestic Site Explorer

By Matthew |

Introducing Site Explorer Every once in a while along comes a piece of engineering/technical brilliance. From the Roman Aqueducts to Alan Turing’s Enigma machine. From the Ford Model T to Hybrid Cars. And now you can add Majestic’s Site Explorer to that list! When Get Link Data was first launched it was an innovative tool…

Registering and using Majestic SEO for the first time

By Dixon Jones |

  This video has now been superceded. Please see the newer version here. If you want to know what Majestic SEO is all about, how to use it and some understanding of what it can do for you, this tutorial is only about 5 minutes long and will help you to get started. Whilst speakers…