Ever since being asked to be Majestic’s first ambassador back in 2012, I’ve been evangelizing how to use the platform for marketing and PR purposes beyond SEO and link building. I’ve talked at conferences and meet-ups all over the USA and had much success explaining how to use Majestic’s wealth of information to uncover nuggets of insight that can help content marketers, PR pros and companies trying to reach influencers online.

I’ll be honest that it hasn’t been easy. Before Majestic dropped the “SEO” from its brand name, I’d be met with blank faces and comments like, “But we’re a PR firm, we don’t do SEO”! Or, “All my clients care about is getting mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. That’s what they’re paying us for and I don’t want to distract them talking about links and SEO.”

Amazing right?

So in the first in a series of videos meant to help broaden our audience and get EVERYONE thrilled with the prospect of using big data for better ROI, we’re talking about How to Build a Media List for PR Using Link Data.

Now, there are number of tools and databases out there you can use to uncover journalists and bloggers you might want to target with a PR pitch or interview request, but the beauty of Majestic data is you can see which journalists and bloggers have actually been writing about similar content/news you are generating.

You can also take a peek at your competition to see how their press releases and product videos have fared, and even assess the impact of their earnings calls by looking for spikes in links/stories at any moment in time.

Having done a bit of a roadshow around PR firms here in Seattle, the reception has been very favourable. Many are adapting to an increasingly digital world and diversifying into content marketing and other areas, so I feel the time is perfect for Majestic to take its place on their tool list too.

So, take a look at this 2 minute video, let us know how you are using Majestic link data creatively and stay tuned for more in this series of using Majestic for PR, influencer marketing and beyond!


If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact help@majestic.com
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