Majestic are delighted to announce that Mel Carson, former Microsoft evangelist and now founder of Delightful Communications, will be joining Majestic as “Ambassador Extraordinaire”.

For seven years, Mel helped Microsoft bring several products to market – from adCenter to – keeping the brands human and approachable by taking on the evangelist role so important to companies in the digital and social age. Mel walks the corridors of the Search and Internet world and is known not only for his work at Microsoft, but also for his powerful presentation skills and his video interviews with famous digital pioneers. If you would like Mel to present at your conference, we would be delighted to facilitate this for you here at Majestic.

Mel is an English gentleman abroad. Based in Seattle, Mel will be (believe it or not) Majestic’s FIRST ongoing representative on the ground in the US.

Until now, our ambassadors – Brian Bowers and Chris Carter – have been fantastic ambassadors in the US for Majestic, but they have also had full time roles within the banking industry. Luckily – we still have them and I hope you will be seeing both at more conferences and events around the USA in the coming months. In the meantime, Mel gives us a powerful new resource and gives our customers a great point of contact over in the US.

Here are 10 things you may never have known about Mel Carson

  1. Mel Carson has over 8,000 followers on Twitter at the time he joins us at Majestic.
  2. Mel Carson is married to Ashley from Seattle and has a baby girl. We think that’s why the Americans let him stay.
  3. Mel Carson has interviewed Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of advertising giant WPP.
  4. Mel Carson used to work for LookSmart when they were at their height, powering
  5. Mel Carson once starred in a Joe Cocker pop video with French screen icon Catherine Deneuve.
  6. Mel Carson has interviewed Biz Stone – co-founder of Twitter.
  7. Mel used to sell Christmas decorations and teddy bears at Harrods before he figured out that the internet might have better career prospects.
  8. Mel Carson has a book coming out with in-depth interviews of major people in our industry, called Pioneers of Digital.
  9. Mel Carson has interviewed Steve Ballmer
  10. Mel Carson is Majestic’s new ambassador extraordinaire.

Please extend a warm welcome to Mel.



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