If you are still using another link data source, I urge you to think again. Today Majestic have rolled out their new Topical Trust Flow scores across all areas of their website. It leads to some astounding possibilities. Here are some screenshots and a few suggestions on how the new data can be used.

Compare 400 URLs side by side (or 100K via download)

This is REALLY cool. have you ever wanted to lobby Washington? Maybe contact a senator or two? How on earth would you know which ones have a sympathetic ear to your cause? Which ones are influential enough in your space to make any impact anyway?

Now it’s simple. Last week I took a list of the members US Senate from senate.gov and fed their government sites into our newly revamped Bulk Backlink Checker and I can see at a glance:

US Senators with spheres of influence.
US Senators with spheres of influence.

If you want to see the whole list of Senators, by the way, you can sign up you our new Majestic Research Files and you’ll be notified when we have the whole list for you.

I’m in the UK, so don’t really understand US politics, but if I was in the pharmaceutical industry, I’d take particular note of Senators like Barrasso and Ayotte, because (for whatever reason) their pages seem to be influenced by the health industry.

With the Bulk Backlink checker now having Topical Trust Flow embedded right into the charts, you can quite easily compare all manner of different lists, at the Domain, Subdomain AND URL level. Take SEO, for example. I am going to a conference in Shanghai later this month, so I decided to try the search term “Shanghai Hotspots”. What happens when you put the top 10 results through their paces in our bulk backlink checker? Well apart from the fact that non of the hotspots were WIFI related (and I thought Google was personalizing these results?) I see this:

Shanghai Hotspots Search
Shanghai Hotspots Search


We IMMEDIATELY see that the URLs in positions 2,3,4 8 and 9 are topically affected by external factors and have not only a valid trust flow, but context in one or more appropriate topics.

I am REALLY interested in positions 1,5,6,7&10. These are all huge sites with so many pages that nobody really links to these internal URLs. this must mean that the domains themselves are carrying all the authority. Enough to power their way in the the SERPS. Wait! We can check! Lets do the same Bulk Backlink analysis at the domain level for these results:

Domain Analysis
Domain Analysis

Well – that CERTAINLY explains positions 1 and 5 and 10, all with Trust Flow on the 80s. Positions 6 & 7 are interesting though. We can see that they have very high Citation Flow (which is actually a closer approximation to Page Rank than Trust Flow because it starts with a baseline number for every URL on the internet, not a seed set) but Majestic feels that these results are weaker than the others, with ShanghaiExpat.com being more focused on health than hotspots, quite frankly.

Of course – our analysis is looking largely through the link analysis and on page factors, localization factors, language factors and many more things will affect Google’s rankings. However – when it comes to the effect of links, I think that Google has yet to roll out its own improved topical PageRank as touted by Matt Cutts earlier this month. Or perhaps they have – and they are testing the number 3 spot? This post is not about analysing Google, it is about showing off our new features, but  I look forward to seeing the results start changing if they expand Topical PageRank.

I think more testing of this sort of chart is something that will engage SEOs for years to come… but let’s move on.

Primary Topic in the Referring Domains Tab

I took the URL http://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/shanghai/  and popped that into the Site Explorer, then clicked on the Referring Domains tab:

Referring Domains Tab
Referring Domains Tab

Now we can not only see the list of domains that are linking to this internal URL but we can also see the primary topic that the domain should be influencing. It is certainly interesting to see science based websites so prominent in the list. These seem to be very trustworthy, but rather out of context. However, any well trained SEO will be able to tell you that Google’s original PageRank algorithm (actually The “PageRank” algorithm is patented by Stanford University) was mathematically calculated at the PAGE level, not the DOMAIN level, so let’s dig into the Backlinks tab:

Backlinks Tab
Backlinks Tab

Now you can see the top category for each link and (I am glad to say) Recreation and Travel is starting to drift to the top. Some of the others, such as the one we classified from Brazil as a “shopping” url may be poor categorisation on our part. With 700 billion URLs to score against 800 categories every day, we don’t expect to manually review them all!

Then again… if you click on the Trust Flow score for this site, we now reveal all of the Topics – and it does appear that the link is indeed totally inappropriate for being categorized as “travel/recreation”:

Deep Dive into Backlinks
Deep Dive into Backlinks

What else is New in Majestic with this Release?

Topical Trust Flow is now embedded into New and Lost Backlinks tabs and also our Pages tab.

New Backlinks Tab
New Backlinks Tab

Is that Site Hosted in a Bad Neighbourhood?

Our Neighbourhood Checker tells you all the sites hosted on the same IP number or in the same subnet. We have also added categories to this:

Neighbourhood Checker
Neighbourhood Checker

This will come in especially useful if we start adding adult categories. I have no idea whether search engines care, but I would rather not host my sites on servers predominantly used by categories which might be overly prone to DDOS attacks or hackers, for example. We show the primary Topical Trust Flow score for every site. Again, clicking on the Trust Flow number for any domain drills into the top 10 topics if we have them.

What about Exporting the Data for a Domain?

We have already embedded Topical Trust Flow into our Raw Export report… which of course is now a one click download. Unlike others, we let you download all your links – millions if you can cope with then – but for users without super computers, we let you revert to the top links without cost for any site with any subscription if you prefer.

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  • Doge so Wow

    Thats cool, impressive what is possible with just backlinks. Have you any plans to analyse websites content too ?

    May 13, 2014 at 9:38 am
    • Dixon Jones

      We do take page titles already, for example. Moving further into on page analysis is something we may consider in some form, but not right now.

      May 13, 2014 at 11:29 am
  • Rasmus

    Really really nice move! The topical trust flow is so nice to have in the charts.

    May 13, 2014 at 1:22 pm
  • Lorne Fade

    While the link data is nice, would it be possible to include other features to integrate the data more fully into an online marketing strategy? Something like link acquisition areas or SEO optimization tips?

    May 15, 2014 at 5:37 am
  • Damian

    Topical trust flow is really good new option. In my opinion it help with better grouping backlinks

    June 5, 2014 at 8:40 pm

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