Majestic 12's Dixon Jones shows off new Teraflop Cluster
Dixon Jones shows off new Teraflop Cluster

Today, Majestic 12, the company powering MajesticSEO, announces the commissioning of a new cluster of super computers.

Whilst most search engine marketers get their data from their PC and whatever Google and Yahoo hands them on a plate, a relatively small subset of the search community build their own programs and their own technologies to lift their understanding of search engine algorithms.

Most agencies can build these tools on PCs, drawing data from other sources – but eventually, someone needs to either get the data from first principals or rely on the benevolence of a search engine’s data… who, as Internet marketers will know, can be a fickle master.

So how far beyond a standard PC do you need to go to get the web’s back link data from first principals for example? (Back-link data is information about how different websites link to each other.)

Today, Majestic-12 – a leader in this technology – has announced that it has commissioned a new Teraflop Cluster to do its data crunching and storage. So is that big? Well some PCs now come with hard drives of a terabyte in size. Majestic almost have that much RAM. (That’s the fast memory bit, used for doing lots of fast calculations.)

When it comes to hard drives, their new computer cluster has raw storage of some 300 terabytes. So about 300-600 PCs worth… except that the speed with which they can be accessed is considerably faster., with the new computer cluster comprising of 12 dual processor nodes based on recently released six core Intel Xeon X5670 (2.93 Ghz) processors. Each node in the 12 node Cluster was tested with Intel Linpack benchmark to produce in excess of 130 GFLOPS each with total processing capacity in excess of 1.5 TFLOPs.

The Cluster runs bespoke software, which will enable Majestic to increase the speed of production of it’s Trillion-Scale Back-links index – which Majestic believes is the largest publicly available index of it’s type commercially available in the world today.

In addition to the Teraflop cluster, Majestic uses hundreds of donor computers around the world to crawl the web through its distributed crawler and additionally has servers in a data-center dedicated to the web interface for users to be able to access the compiled version of the database.

To subscribe to the system, choose a plan online at

The hardware was supplier by Gigaserver – our supplier based in Holland.

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