Majestic have just launched a new ‘Campaigns’ feature and it looks extremely promising both for SEO’s communicating with their clients, and for marketers working in-house who are perhaps more comfortable with visual, rather than spreadsheet representation of data.

There are some key benefits to using campaigns:

  1. First of all, keeping your work well organised. It’s great to open up Majestic at the start of the day and see all your campaigns in summary.
  2. The new feature has strong visual and interactive elements.
  3. Majestic now creates tracking reports automatically and having this data available over time, enriches its value significantly – without having to do any additional work.
  4. And for me, the most exciting feature is the ability to share individual campaigns with whoever you choose – very helpful in communicating with and educating clients on what you do.

It’s early days yet and I’m sure the features will evolve as feedback comes in – so give it a try and share your thoughts with the Majestic team!

Majestic have already loaded a free demo ‘Majestic in Space’, but for now, here’s my quick take on setting up a campaign. I am going to use ‘gourmet food suppliers’ to show how it works.

Here’s the home screen showing the ‘Majestic in Space’ demo and the new campaign I’m about to create, ‘Gourmet Food Suppliers’ (I’ve just named the campaign – I haven’t added any sites yet).


image 1


I’ve researched 16 gourmet food suppliers and pasted them in when prompted:


image 2


Now I hit ‘Submit’ and get some really interesting visuals. The first is a graphic showing metrics for all the sites I have entered, sorted by descending Trust Flow.


image 3


This chart is interactive – and by moving the cursor over the list of websites I can see the metrics for each individual site I’ve entered:


image 4


And as I move down the page, I get this really useful graphic that not only gives me the key data but also includes a thumbnail of each site:


image 5


This visual contains a lot of information in a very digestible format – it’s something that can be quickly snapped and included in a client report. Something I think will get a lot of use.

And by clicking on the title of each site in the list, you then get an individual card for that site.


image 6


This includes not only the raw data but gives a history of Backlinks over time – you can also view Referring Domains, referring IPs and Referring Subdomains. (In my screenshot, I haven’t yet built up a history – but the campaign feature does this automatically for me.)

I find the new visual information a great way to get a quick overview.

And understanding the overview, I can export the list of sites to Bulk Backlinks to get much more detailed information.


image 7


And I can also set up automatic alerts:


image 8


But undoubtedly, the most useful aspect of the new campaigns feature is the ability to share campaigns with colleagues, and of course with clients:


image 9


Another nice feature is your campaigns can be shared publicly as well as privately.

This is particularly useful where the campaign you’ve created is a pitch for new business that will be discussed among multiple decision makers – some of whom you will not have met.

Overall, I’m excited about how these new visual elements make important data easily accessible to clients and marketers whose eyes can quickly glaze over when presented with too much information.




  • Francois Paulaise


    Great work you are doing, thanks a lot for all the new features 🙂

    November 16, 2016 at 1:01 pm
  • Ramu

    yah it’s really good information article worth to read this.. 😀 by using majestic posts and tools i am running my site in good condition
    (Link Removed)

    November 18, 2016 at 10:36 am

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