So you’re pitching to a new client and you have no experience in their industry?


But what if you could instantly find the most important sites in their industry?

And then see how those sites link to each of your client’s competitors?

Well suddenly the chances of your pitch succeeding look so much better!

Let’s show you how it’s done.

For any topic online, there’s a ‘clique’ of hundreds, even thousands of websites that publish, sell, recommend, share and link to each other. 

This clique is perfect for finding relevant link prospects – and ranking them in minutes.

Here’s how it’s done.

Let’s imagine your client sells craft beer. You’ll need a list of craft brewers that have a good link profile.

I’d do some searches, say on Google News until I find a quality article like this in the New York Times. 

The article lists 9 craft brewers and if they’re good enough to get into such a publication, they’re likely to have a lot of other tasty backlinks that could inspire you.

Take the 9 domains from the New York Times article and drop them into Clique Hunter, then hit ‘compare ‘.

Now you can see that Clique Hunter has found 713 domains that link to 2 or more of the root domains I entered.

These are attractive link prospects for anyone interested in craft beer.

At the top you can see the New York Times, which links to all 9 domains…as you would expect.

Beeradvocate also links to all nine, while ratebeer, untappd, AmericanCraftBeer and many others link to 8 out of the 9 beer websites.

The first of these columns gives the Trust Flow of the linking site – the higher the number, the more attractive it could be as a link prospect.

This is great but many people miss one of the most important features of these results – and that lies in the other columns on the right.  

Each of these underlined numbers are live and will take you direct to the pages on which the links to each competitor sits.

So click here on Jester King and you’ll see that the company has been featured on the New York times before.

You can do the same for each competitor and see how they have been featured in the New York Times. 

This is really important because you can read the post and understand why the link was given.

To show this, let’s move on to a publication that specialises in beer and see what we can find.

I’ve chosen this one from Imbibe Magazine.

As you can see the publication has a healthy Trust Flow of 33 and links to 7 of the 9 craft beer domains.

Here’s the trick – we can move along the columns and see how each competitor was featured on Imbibe Magazine. 

Try to understand what makes the story in each of these cases – then think how you could adapt and use that approach for your client. And of course, take a note of the writer.

Allagash – Imbibe focuses on the founder and the part he plays in Maine’s drink scene

Beechwood – the story is about the brewpub that makes great IPAs and barbecue

Black Project – focuses on the brewery being one of Denver’s own

De Garde – Imbibe again focuses on location, this time in Oregon

Jester King – the brewery is featured because they teamed up with a partner to create a beer inspired by cocktails

Oxbow – gets editorial coverage because they brew on a real farm

Yazoo – the focus is on being a southern beer but also looks at what foods it compliments. 

In this video, we’ve looked at one publication in detail and we’ve learned what makes the story in 7 examples.

Repeat this approach with other websites that Clique Hunter has discovered and you’ll not only have a list of great link prospects but also a lot of ideas on how you could approach them.

Please leave your comments and questions below and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe.


  • All The Way Up Media

    Great topic, can you use this for free or you have to have subscription?

    January 18, 2019 at 3:26 pm
    • Ken McGaffin


      This is a great technique that provides a lot of value.
      So you usually need a PRO subscription – but all new subscribers to Lite, our cheapest subscription will get access to Clique Hunter – not just for a month, but for as long as they continue to have a Lite subscription.

      I hope that helps,


      January 18, 2019 at 4:36 pm
  • Gail

    Hi I have a Silver Plan and i pay quarterly but i cannot see Clique Hunter when Im logged in. How can i access this functionality please?

    January 20, 2019 at 11:53 am
    • Sarune Muleviciute

      Hi Gail,
      If you hover over the ‘Tools’ tab and then hover over ‘Compare Domains’, you will see Clique Hunter.
      Hope this helps.

      January 22, 2019 at 1:28 pm

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