Many of you will have noticed strange timeouts today on the site. We are working as fast as we can to rectify these problems. Everyone with proper technical qualifications is working on the issue now – so we will fill you in fully on the technical issues when the storm (literally) has calmed down. In the meantime – please allow the marketing to tell you what is happening… bearing in mind I may not be best qualified to explain and so I apologize if I get something wrong.


As most people in the UK will know right now, there is a storm heading down from the north. It’s pretty windy outside (no that’s a stock photo above, but the home page will have live coverage I expect). Now I do not know if the storm is directly to blame, but early this morning (somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 AM GMT) there was a power cut in our main data centre.

Now – we DO have back-up power… and an investigation as to why that did not work as intended is most definitely going to be part of the after party, but I know that MajesticSEO’s power consumption increases as our infrastructure increases and many will know that we have been increasing on several fronts recently. I do not know if the backup power was being upgraded as fast as the rest of the infrastructure… however… what I do know is that there was a second power failure. Somewhere. This has caused several extra challenges.

We apologise sincerely for the problems.

We are working on solutions and I or someone more in the know will update here. in the meantime, please try to reschedule your day. Our problems are affecting both the site and the API. Lower usage on the site right now will help us to recover faster.

Update 17:10 GMT

Whilst the site is running again, we have to rebuild some data tables. In the meantime we are experiencing SOME login problems for SOME users and also some problems with the REPORTs screens.

Everything seems stable 20:00 GMT

We have now been able to rebuild the relevant tables and from the support system messages it would appear that we have fixed the issues. the main issues affected customers that upgraded accounts today or who had their monthly subscriptions refreshed. These accounts have now been returned to full functionality and hopefully all is well again.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact
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