emetrics logo for events pageThis year, Majestic SEO have decided to be silver sponsors at eMetrics San Francisco in April 14-18.

Q: Why is an SEO tool sponsoring an analytics conference?

A: Because Majestic is NOT so much an SEO tool as much as it is a big store of data which SEOs choose you draw on. It has far more depth than just SEO applications as we have suggested many times before. Here are a few previous posts on that topic:

But our data could go MUCH further if the boffins at eMetrics (and there are many!) took a look under the bonnet and took the data for a test drive! 🙂

Perhaps this is one reason why Majestic SEO has been shortlisted for the Digital Analytics Association Award for the best new technology of the year.

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Just for the record – here is a snapshot today:

Between the  07 Jul 2007 and the 05 Feb 2013 we have seen 4,102,926,513,706 unique urls. It’s quite a bit.


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