Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO has just integrated Majestic into his on page Link Analyzer extension, called “Link Miner” for Chrome. When it is configured properly, it will show you backlink counts and referring domain counts for any page you are viewing in Chrome. Take the Link Miner page itself:

Link Miner with Majestic Embedded
Link Miner with Majestic Embedded

The elements in Green have been scanned by the Link Miner extension by clicking on the “sights” icon in the top right of the Chrome browser. The anchor text in the middle was “Get The Extension Here” which is now in green (because it checked the link wasn’t broken) and added:

“200 * BL:53 * RD:10”

The 200 means the response was 200 when checked, which is why it is in green. (Brokenb links are in red)

BL:53 is taken from the Majestic Fresh Index and (as at time of writing) showed 53 Backlinks to the page the link is linking to.

RD:10 means the number of referring domains that link to the page the link is pointing to.

Link Miner NEEDS Majestic to Work Like This

There area few (ahem…) “miner” adjustments that you need to make to Link Miner to make it show the back link counts. Specifically, you do need to attach your Majestic subscription, as PointBlankSEO uses our OpenApps protocol to pass data.

Here’s a step by step guide:

1: For easiest results, be logged into your Majestic account in Chrome before you start.

2: In Chrome install the extension here.

3: Click on the “sights” icon in the browser and then the “cog”:

Screenshot 2015-07-28 11.07.024: Add your Access token by selecting

Click the yellow "Authorise" button and add your Access token
Click the yellow “Authorise” button and add your Access token

5: Also, note in the screen shot above that I have ticked “Back links” and “Referring Domains”, otherwise the link data will not show.

That’s it! Enjoy!

The extension works really well, although I am hoping that enough of you shout to request that Trust Flow is added to the display options. The Trust Flow is returned in the same command, so there is no more “work” to do and I personally believe in Trust Flow as more informative than Backlink or Referring Domain counts, but maybe that’s me being picky.

Thanks for integrating this! If you want to give a shout out to (or just shout at) Jon, you can get him on Twitter. I hope our users and yours like the new functionality.


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