We recently launched a new version of Site Explorer which has gone down rather well. I hinted that we had also released something else and challenged our user to spot it. Now I have time for another blog post I can reveal that we also changed our Clique Hunter tool to work at the URL level instead of the domain level only!

This adds considerably more functionality than you might first imagine…

What was Clique Hunter again?

Clique Hunter finds hubs of authority for any given niche, vertical or set of up to 10 sites, by showing you which websites link to two or more of the sites in your set. This has now been upgraded to let you enter up to 10 distinct URLs rather than sites. Clique hunter then reports where websites link to two of your deep urls. We have a 3 minute video tutorial from before the upgrade here if you want to see it in action.

Why is the new Clique Hunter better?

There are a number of new uses now for Clique Hunter. In addition its primary purpose is also stronger. Search results often come back with individual pages, not domains. A good example is Wikipedia. Now you can find sites that link to the individual wikipedia page as well as other pages that get returned for a given search phrase on any given engine.

However there are now more uses for Click Hunter:

  • Finding out who is consistently talking about multiple pages on a given site
  • Finding out who is influencing the influencers!

Use Case #1: “Finding Dolphin watching Seattle” authority sites

The results I see today – unfiltered – for the phrase “Dolphin watching Seattle” look like this, with many internal pages returned:

Dolphin Watching Seatte

Now it really doesn’t matter WHY these pages get to the top – the point is that links are about RELATIONSHIPS – so any website linking into more than one of these results is probably talking to an audience that would be interested in Dolphin watching. Can we use Clique Hunter to find them? OF COURSE! Just go to the Clique Hunter tool (account required) and enter the top 10 urls in the search results, like this:

Clique Hunter Example

Then pres “HUNT”…


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