When Alex and Myself signed up to each other’s fate, recently, it was after many months of building trust and soul searching. For Alex – renowned control freak – allowing anyone into his small circle of trust was in itself the largest challenge. For me, I’ve been used to being the Managing Director almost ever since I left University in 1988. (Actually… I was Student’s Union President for a year… but that’s just being an MD with a massive socialist board of directors.)

Alex Chudnovsky (left) and Dixon Jones (right)

Agreements and partnerships done on a whim don’t tend to work too well, in my experience. Also working with friends and family. Alex and I went to quite some length to make sure we didn’t do this on a whim. We met in February for the first time – but we did share common goals for Majestic and we spent many, many hours in a coffee shop at Milton Keynes station, pouring over plans and legal documents, trying to get the goals to converge and setting up a strategy to bring Majestic to market. I’m sure that in working together, Alex and I will become the best of friends – but for now it is all business.


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