Believe it or not, Mark Rutte (The Dutch Prime Minister) and David Cameron (The British Prime Minister) were in Faraday Wharf at Birmingham Science Park Aston  last week as they recognised the first network “node” in Cisco’s Virtual Incubator.

Majestic – whilst being a British company – has Dutch backing, but as our Dutch investor wasn’t in the building that day and the Marketing Director (that would be me) was “marketing” with Miss Chile at Pubcon in Las Vegas, we didn’t mind that the two prime ministers didn’t get a chance to say hi.

Our founder – Alex – doesn’t take cold calls.

In all seriousness – when Majestic SEO chose its offices, we looked long and hard to find offices in England’s second city where we would feel comfortable as we developed what we hoped would be a reputable brand that would be respected throughout the world – albeit in our niche market. For not one but two Prime Ministers to come to the science park shows that we chose wisely in that regard. We are in a building with some of the UK’s most innovative startups and as they are almost all in the technology sector, we feel that we are in great company.

You can see more about the Prime Ministers’ visit here.








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