Keyword Generator has been updated to let you rapidly find out which of our generated keywords were found closest to each of your chosen seed websites.

At the end of our last Keyword Generator tool update, we shared with you that our customers aren’t just using the tool to create keyword lists, but they are using it as a fantastic way to compare keywords across a variety of websites.

If you haven’t used Keyword Generator yet, you can…

  • Enter (up to) five websites
  • … or add a keyword and we’ll recommend some websites to help choose your five
  • Get a list of the organic keywords we find near links to those sites
  • See a breakdown of which sites are linked most to each keyword
  • Choose any of your keywords to create a new list of semantically similar alternatives

New: Keyword Frequency by Site

Here is the table of results when we generate keywords from five UK-based financial comparison websites.

A table view of the new way to compare keywords across domains
Keyword Frequency by site: compare keywords across domains

The tool extracted 5,064 organic keywords/phrases that appear near good-quality links for these five domains. 

The columns are ordered by highest frequency first. 

As a reminder, frequency is calculated when we take all of the Link Context that surrounds good-quality links to your group of websites, and combine them into a big dictionary (or, a corpus, should you prefer that term). The frequency that we share in the results is how often we see each individual keyword in that group of phrases.

The new data is to the right of frequency.  You will notice that there are now dedicated columns for our entered websites.  Each column gives a breakdown of how the volume of links to that specific website have contributed to the total frequency of individual keywords. 

Here is a closer look, to explain.

A zoomed-in look at the same data as the previous table. Focusing on the top few rows.
Keyword frequency across related sites in the Keyword Generator

The website in the first new column is (abbreviated to ‘mon…’ in the incredibly limited table space we have, sorry).   

Sites that are more dominant for a keyword will have a larger and darker blue bar.  Keywords that are more evenly distributed will have a lighter and smaller bar behind the number.

Looking at the first row, it’s not a surprise that most of the on-brand ‘money supermarket’ keywords will appear near links to that site.    The exact figure, if you hover over the blue bar, is 69%.

Frequency for a brand term.  69% (262 frequency items from 379 total frequency items) come from links that point to this domain.
Money supermarket keyword frequency term details

What may be surprising is that 31% of their on-brand terms are near links to the other sites. 

But, when you think about it, this is perfectly normal.  Our organic keywords are sourced from words that are used near links to websites, and as it is natural for some pages to have competitor links very close together, they should all pick up some nearby other-brand mentions.

If you are looking at your own competitors, and your site is NOT collecting some of their brand terms on this list, it is very likely that you may be missing out on some potential co-citations.  In this case, you should check out Link Context to see where your competitors are mentioned, and you are not.

Here is an example of non-branded terms.

An example of some non brand keywords. They are mentioned in the paragraph underneath this image.
Non branded Keywords from the Majestic Keyword Generator

“Uswitch” is a UK provider of a service that monitors household utility bills and offers a switching service to alternative providers. You can see from their results that they do far better than the other websites for their USPs of, “switching service,” and “utility bills,” and do slightly better for the more general term of, “energy supplier.”

A note on using site frequencies while filtering by language

When you use our Language filter, the frequency column changes to show the frequency for that language only.

However, be mindful that the percentages calculated in the frequency-by-site column do not take this smaller language-frequency number into consideration.  The percentages, for now, are calculated from the total frequency across all languages.

Export as CSV

For those of you who prefer to use your own prospecting tools, all of the new data is available in the CSV export.

A screenshot of a CSV extract in Excel
Keyword Generator – Data export in CSV

Other Updates – New Saved Reports List

If you used Keyword Generator before, you’ll notice a change when you go back to the tool.

As we needed table space to add the keyword-by-site comparison columns, we have moved your list of saved reports.  When you first enter the tool, you’ll see a new mini-dashboard for your reports.

A grid view of saved report names
Grid view of Keyword Generator saved reoprts

When you are checking out a single report, there is a shortcut drop-down menu on the top-left where you can jump straight to any other report.

A list of reports are in the drop-down list top-left
Saved Reports Menu (Majestic Keyword Generator)

If you need to get back to the dashboard grid view, just use the new icon to the right of Saved Reports.

The icon to get back to the grid view appears to the right of the Saved Report heading
The new icon to get back to the grid view of the Keyword Generator

Improved Filters

We had feedback that the way that we added filters to the results table wasn’t obvious.  We have moved filtering away from the table headers to a dedicated filter row above the table that is more consistent with our style for Site Explorer filters.

An image showing the new dedicated filter bar
The new dedicated filter bar

New Filter:  Site Frequency

Should you wish to focus on a single site, or perhaps temporarily exclude one from your results, a new filter lets you target the frequency of keywords for particular sites.

Showing how you can use the Frequency by Site filter.  In this screenshot, the filter is asking for results where > 10, <50 and stadia > 0.
Frequency by Site filter

Site Frequency Data for Older Reports

Reports that have been created in the last few weeks will contain all of the new Site Frequency data. 

Older reports, particularly from the first month of the tool launch may not contain the new data.  If your report doesn’t have the new columns, we have added a ‘Refresh’ button so that you can quickly regenerate your report with the new data.

Finally, thank you

When we started work on keyword generator, we thought that we were making a cool tool that would give our customers a way to create organic keyword lists from a source of data that is exclusive to them.  And that’s still the case.  Even without today’s update, you can still use the tool to add some seed websites, download your list and export to your workflow.

We didn’t anticipate that we would end up with a tool that would let you compare keywords across websites, and that is thanks to you and the great feedback that you have given us.  If you have any suggestion that will make our tools even better, our customer support team is just a click away.

Keyword Generator is available today on all Majestic paid subscriptions.  


  • Gerhardt Mayer

    Wow, this is really nice 😉 How many Petabytes of Data do you have to save to your databases to make all this possible ?

    July 25, 2020 at 9:58 am
  • Steve

    Hi Gerhardt,

    Glad you like it!

    This system is built on Link Context – with some AI / NLP thrown in.

    Link Context would be nothing without the link map on which it was based.I don’t really want to go into numbers- it’s a little commercially sensitive and – to be honest- open to manipulation anyway as you have compressed size, uncompressed size, size before processing, size after processing and so on.

    But, suffice to say – yes, is big. Very big.

    July 27, 2020 at 12:42 pm
  • david johnson

    This is much better, even though we use other keywords tools its good to see NLP same as Surfer.

    August 13, 2020 at 3:07 pm

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