That may be the cheesiest subject line I have ever started with on a blog post – but wanted to say that the Birmingham Post have shortlisted our business in their inaugural business awards and also that we have taken the late decision to sponsor one of the Midland’s most exciting internet marketing conferences – Thinkvisibility – which takes place down the road in Leeds in just over a week.

The Birmingham Post recognized us and shortlisted us in two categories:

Creative Industries Award: We are up against the Birmingham Hippodrome, and Birmingham One Creative Environments Ltd, Worcester

Export & International Trade Award: where we are competing against Cubewano Ltd in Sutton Coldfield; Eg Solutions in Stafford and Strip Tinning Ltd in Frankley.

We won’t find out if we have won until Monday 20th September, when we will attend the Gala dinner at the International Conference Center at the ICC. (I hope it’s a side room… that place can get draughty!)

In the meantime, The Birmingham Post are coming into the offices next week for some filming (Second film crew in a month) so they can have an Oscar ceremony style multimedia thing going on during the awards. Alex – trim up that Moustache!

Our other local event is the sponsorship of ThinkVisibility, which is a really great event that has been taking place in Leeds now for a few years. Run by Dom Hodgeson, I’m expecting a couple of hundred people to turn up on a Saturday. We won’t be overhyping ourselves at the event, but I thought I would set up my Laptop in a corner and give some free demonstrations of the tool to anyone that wants it and also some training for anyone using the tool that is getting swamped by the data. The advantage of it all being so local is that Alex might even make the journey.

The thing that has always fascinated me about Thinkvisibility is that the people that I know attend and advocate it are extremely independently minded – and some of the thought leaders of our industry. Dave Naylor’s company is also sponsoring the event and my friend Mel Carson from Microsoft is on the speaker list.

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