For every person on one of our paid subscription models, we have 10  who only use the free services at Majestic SEO right now. That means 9 out of 10 (OK, 10 out of 11) users are currently using Majestic SEO with one arm tied behind their back. US$16 for a BRONZE subscription would open up quite a few eyes, so we’ve decided to try and do something about that. block-see-us-vegas

MajesticSEO will be at two conferences in the autumn. In the UK we will be at the International Search Summit and then in November we will be pushing the boat out a little further in Las Vegas at Pubcon by running session during the conference to help people get the most out of Majestic.

The session will be entitled “Link Building: Using MajesticSEO to the Max” and will include some great speakers who will show you the ways in which they have delved into the data to create value for their clients. Speakers confirmed include Jon Henshaw, from Raventools, who will be talking about how they are using the API in their own tool and of course myself, looking to demonstrate many of the sublke and not so subtle ways in which you can go beyond the backlink history widget and rapidly generate link candidates, identify affiliates, define vertical landscapes, overlay our data with third party data to find something new and maybe track down people using advertising platforms.

I promise that the session won’t be more about providing training and less about sales. Indeed, I want it to be all about Link building secrets. I am lucky enough to get to speak on many panels every year, but I always have to hold my tongue and show due defference to other technologies when I am on another panel. By having a session entirely on Majestic SEO, I’m free to spill all and tell all. You won’t be disappointed and I guarantee that whatever level you currently use MajesticSEO’s data and tools, you will leave knowing new ways to advance your link building, your affiliate management, your advertising strategy or your reputation management.

Pubcon is not the only place you’ll find us. If you are in the UK at the end of October, we will also be at the International Search Summit once again, at the British Library iss-button-london. This will be on the 28th of October. as a one day conference, we won’t take over a session, but we will be on hand in the foyer to demonstrate the system and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to these training sessions, we are also putting together some free training webinars. These Will initially be for our Gold and Platinum subscribers – who can ask me now and I will aim  to set up a call for them to get the most out of their subscription. I will then open the offer to other subscriptions as time permits. If you are not opted in to our irregular newsletter, you may wish to update your settings in your account if you want notification – or subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed of course.

I hope to see you at one of these conferences or online soon.


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    I hope to attend the MajesticSEO conferences in autumn. In might be in the UK at the International Search Summit.

    Looking forward to learn from MajesticSEO. What a great website and full of potential. Thanks

    July 21, 2010 at 1:36 am

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