Recent years have seen significant investment into the hardware that powers our Fresh and Historic infrastructure.

As a part of our rolling infrastructure upgrade program, this year, we have targeted the underlying infrastructure on which our network is built. The primary aim of this upgrade was to enhance our connectivity.

Due to our substantial investment in hardware over the years we have been able to perform the majority of this process with little or no customer facing downtime for the majority of our services.

As a part of the upgrade process, we have completely replaced our front-end server farm and updated the DNS records for While this sounds dramatic, DNS is a pretty well established protocol and our infrastructure is reasonably resilient. As such, the majority of users have switched over to the new farm automatically – if twitter is anything to go by, few appear to have noticed.

When set against a backdrop of delays in supply of parts due to documented global issues with tech supply, local fuel supply crisis in the UK and uncertainty over staff availability due to Covid, this upgrade program has been somewhat of a logistical challenge. We have prioritised service uptime and apologise where this may have impacted transparency and communication over the last few weeks.

While the majority of customers will continue to enjoy ongoing service, there are a few matters we would like to share in the interests of transparency:

  • Voicemail and Fax: We have taken the opportunity to switch two services – our voicemail and fax provider over to a new supplier. Like many companies, we have optimised customer support and Sales for email, so we anticipate limited impact.
  • URL Submitter: Unfortunately, the infrastructure shift has resulted in the URL Submitters tool going offline. Our CS team is in ongoing conversation with active users while our developers seek to commission a replacement service.
  • Note for Majestic API Users. Our systems team have been monitoring usage, and our server logs suggest that the vast majority of users appear now to have switched over to the new systems. However, a handful of API users remain connected to the old services, presumably with cached, hardwired or outdated DNS entries. If you are an API user, please ensure your tech team are aware of the DNS change, and contact us if you have any query.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact
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