I’ve been dying to announce this since January. Covario and Rio SEO are among the US giants of search technology and way back in January (or maybe even earlier) we started work on integrating our data into their enterprise level technology. I even went all the way to their very impressive headquarters in San Diego to get a sense of what they were doing. In truth, they have been using our data for ages – but I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Recently though, Covario announced its technology brand Rio SEO, designed for agencies and large organisations.


We have also today jointly announced our partnership publicly for the first time. I think that the Rio platform could be a great solution – especially for agencies who need to get some process and scale into their search strategies. I know that one of the biggest challenges facing SEOs moving forward is that the divisions between social, paid and organic search marketing are not only becoming increasingly blurred, but also increasing complicated to manage. There are several mantras which the Covario team can make that sets Rio SEO up as a tool that agencies should be looking into using.

1: Rio scales

That’s one reason why why they used Majestic! But apart from that, Rio SEO is a scalable SaaS solution using patented technologies.

2: Rio has already passed the “Enterprise level” test

Because the technology is the offshoot of Covario, it has already been used to optimise some of the world’s biggest sites.

3: Rio combines several assets of search into one place

The Rio offering has a selection of modules – not simply link intelligence. It has a sophisticated SEO change tracking module as well as application modules for organic search and social media with tools for content marketing, auditing, reporting, and competitive analysis. Majestic’s integration into Rio SEO should really help in the competitive analysis area especially – as our link data is more in-depth than anyone’s when it comes to analysing sites that you do not directly have access to.

Majestic SEO is a proven choice for the most reliable link intelligence, even more so now with the announcement of our Covario/Rio SEO partnership.


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