Congratulations to Wiep (the iPad competition winner), for his web post on creating geo-heatmaps based on link data. He is about to be the proud owner of a spanking new iPad, just as soon as we work out how to get it to him.

Alex and the team liked the “out of the box” thinking behind the idea and we would like to add it to the ever extending list of features that we want to put into Majestic’s web interface. In the meantime, I tried it for a site and got good looking results.

We would also like to give a special commendation to a few other entries.

Link Juice iPhone App takes our light API and puts it into the iPad/iPhone space.

We also liked “Bence’s” idea of using Majestic SEO to track on Analytics, Adsense etc. IDs. For example. The system can already  be used to track affiliate IDs in the url, but in theory, the crawler could extend its functionality to crawl for new elements of data. Choosing the new data elements to crawl would definitely need to have a commercial imperative, but clearly we would be in a position to implement this kind of enhancement.

Unfortunately for Cemper, his linkresearchtools entry came in too late for consideration, but also worth a look.

Thanks SO much for those that entered.


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